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What are they, the Bulgarians? The character, the mentality and customs ...

Bulgarians are amazingly hospitable and friendly people. Everyone who has ever visited this Balkan state certainly noticed this feature of the mentality of its inhabitants. Openness and willingness to help in any situation, kindness, politeness - these qualities of character perfectly help guests of country to feel really comfortable.

Peace of mind and balance inherent to every Bulgarian, here even in the big cities you will not find the hustle and rude attitude. The spirit of peace prevails everywhere in Bulgaria that effectively helps to combine work, leisure and family life. Being extremely hard-working people, the Bulgarians will certainly start their day with a cup of coffee and never miss a lunch break, which is often lasts more than one hour.

Feast for the Bulgarians is a national tradition. The table must be full of all sorts of delicious dishes - from the famous Shopska salad (“Bulgarian salad”) and cheese to the traditional stuffed cabbage "Sarmi" and a variety of meat dishes.

Bulgarians love and hold sacred their ancient traditions and rich but difficult history. Holidays are celebrated in a great way and in compliance with all the customs which have come from ancient times. And in each even small town you will find sites that will tell you about past events that are associated with this place. Each Bulgarian is proud not only of our country but also the city, so happy to tell you about its history and attractions.

The mentality of the people is largely reflected in its traditions and culture. Fidelity to their past and a kind of conservatism allowed the Bulgarians to preserve ancient customs that have come to us from the depths of millennia. The ancient ritual of "Fire dancing" - the art of walking on hot coals - is still one of the brightest features of the national cultural heritage of the Bulgarians. Like the ancients, this rite is intended to protect against the evil forces and to predict the future. Today, walking on coals is a beautiful and unusual tradition, which is accompanied by playing the national musical instruments - drums and bagpipes.

It’s interesting that the meaning of certain gestures of Bulgarians differs from other countries traditions. So nod means disagreement and disapproval, and rocking from side to side, on the contrary, means "yes". Another curious fact - Bulgarians drink red wine in a few months, the names of which have an "r", and white - all the rest, so in the summer you will never meet red wine on the table of locals.

It is better to learn the Bulgarians, the features of their mentality and truly understand their ancient and unique culture is possible only by personally visiting this wonderful country!

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