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Ski tours in Pamporovo 2023-2023

Welcome to Pamporovo for enjoyable skiing!

Pamporovo is one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria. This is the second largest and most important ski resort in Bulgaria after Bansko. It is located in the Rhodope Mountains, known for the myths of ancient Greece. Here, according to legend, sirenic Orpheus was born and lived. The resort is located at the foot of the mountain with a beautiful name Snejanka (1926 m), at an altitude of 1650 m above sea level. It is situated 260 km to Sofia, Plovdiv, another major city in Bulgaria, is 85 km away and Thessaloniki - only 55 km. In good weather from the top Snejanka you can even see the Aegean Sea.

The resort is well known and popular in Bulgaria for a long time. It is the oldest center of winter sports in Bulgaria, organized in 1933. Skiers come here for more than half a century. And for a reason! Due to the proximity of the Aegean Sea winter is mild, but here is enough snow. The snow cover reaches almost 1.5 meter level and it is strong enough. It lies from mid-December to mid-April. The average annual temperature in these places is 5.5 to 8 ° C.

The name "Pamporovo" is derived from the word "pampor", which means "caravan". In former times there were the ancient caravan routes. Trade caravans started their way in Beomorieto and went to the south-western Thrace through the local places. Their owners have built in the Rhodope Mountains winter shelter and called them Pampore and this land were called Pamporovo. By the way, this is the unique winter resort in Bulgaria, which lifts operate in the summer.

Pamporovo - the sunniest resort in Bulgaria. Here is the highest number of sunny days per year compared to other resorts in Bulgaria, in other words, Pamporovo has almost year-round sunshine. However, it does not influence the quality of the snow cover, which constantly keeps its hardness. But if the snow mountain melts a bit from the hot sun or snow does not fall in sufficient quantity, 80 snow "guns" will help to restore it.

The climate in the region is perfect for winter holidays. Sun, snow and mountain air invigorate and give strength. The resort has also another feature - the air is charged with negative ions. According to today's doctors, this is one of the keys to longevity!

Pamporovo - a paradise for lovers of winter sports, inferior nothing to other popular European resorts. 15 of its marked pistes with a total length of 37 km are located on the northern, eastern and western slopes of the Snejanka at an altitude of 1926 to 1450 meters. They are suitable for skiers of all categories and levels of training. There are 13 ski slopes in the resort: 1 green, 5 blue, 4 red and 3 black. Their total length is 24 km. The length of the longest is 3800 m.

There is a well developed system of lifts: 13 ski lifts and 5 chairlifts, with throughput almost 10,000 people per hour. They work from 8 am to 16.30 pm.

Due to gentle slopes of Snejanka, Pamporovo is very suitable for beginners, yet inexperienced skiers. For them the next pistes will be perfect:  Snezhanka 1 and Snezhanka 6 - the longest route (5130 km). You can simply make skiing trips or toboggan. 3 wide and long pistes – Snezhanka, Snezhanka 5 and the track in Studenec are good choice for intermediates. Here at your disposal are instructors, who will tell about the features of the slope and help to improve your skills. Pistes Snezhanka 2, 3, and 4 are intended for professionals. The piste Stenata in Yastrebets is narrow and steep; it has a very high grade. 4 pistes in Mark Jik are for professionals. Difference in height on the slopes is 480 m.

For experienced skiers there is an international route for giant slalom, to get down from it requires special skills, and the track for biathlon. Their total length is more than 34 km. There are also good opportunities for snowboarders. This type of skiing is very popular in Pamporovo. Here is snowboard school.

For the most avid skiers it is specially prepared piste Stenata 2. It is possible to ski in the evenings: from 17:30 to 22:00.

There are also features for children. The resort has one of the most famous children's ski schools in Europe for children from 7 to 12 years. Education here is conducted in five classes according to the level of difficulty (A, B, C, D, E) in groups or individually. Cross Country Ski Training is conducted in two classes. Classes are held from 3 to 14 days, 4 hours a day. During this time, children learn not just how to stand and walk on skis, but a pretty good ride. For very small guests (4 to 7 years) there is a kindergarten. It works from 8 am to 16.30. English-speaking professional teachers and instructors are looking after children and teach their first skiing skills.

To get to the slopes of Pamporovo is quite easy. You can go from the hotel to them by a special comfortable bus.

For those who do not want to carry with them all the necessary equipment, there are 9 rental stations, which offers more than 5,000 sets of the latest ski equipment and snowboard equipment for both adults and children. They are located near the ski lifts.

Technical resort staff has always supported the excellent condition of pistes, so they are completely safe. More than 100 experienced instructors who speak English, Russian or other language you want, are always on the slopes, to help skiers. Mountain rescue service is always on the lookout.

Pamporovo is the perfect place for a family winter holiday. Walking through the beautiful snow-covered terrain, view from the observation deck at the top of the TV tower Snezhanka, which opens an amazing view to the mountains and Pamporovo neighborhood. Very popular among tourists is panoramic tour by helicopter. For many tourists, it became a tradition to meet with family and New Year's Eve in a snowy sunny Pamporovo.

Fans of winter fishing and hunting will find what to do in Pamporovo. Fascinating tourist destinations lay among the dense pine forest. For those who prefer sun and stay in the room instead of snow and movement the resort offers a beautiful swimming pool, sauna, fitness center, physical therapy center, a hall for archery, bowling and billiard.

Rhodopes are known for its cuisine. That’s why numerous cafes and restaurants Pamporovo are tempting temptation for gourmets. Here you can taste the roasted lamb on a spit, rodopska bannitsa, kavurma and other national dishes. You’ll be offered a wide variety of famous Bulgarian wines and Bulgarian vodka - raki.

"Night" life begins at Pamporovo long before nightfall. 19 of its restaurants, 2 nightclubs and 2 bars offer their services for those who cannot sleep. But if after a day out on the slopes, you still have power, you can dance in the night discos.

Pamporovo is constantly held various competitions: the national championships in skiing and snowboard, giant slalom. Here are carried out also stages of the European Cup in alpine skiing and many other events.

Anyone who wants to not only relax, but also to learn the history and culture of the country and the region, can go on excursions to the ancient Plovdiv and Chepelare, Smolyan lakes, in the ethnographic village of Shiroka Laka, the ancient Bachkovo Monastery, located near Pamporovo. It is organized for hikers walking tours to the top of Ruen, Smolyan Lakes and the nearby picturesque villages.

The village of Shiroka Laka is just 20 km away from Pamporovo. It is known for its greatest musical school, where are taught Bulgarian folk music. Near the village there is a planetarium with one of the most modern and advanced telescopes in the world. It is used for scientific purposes. The Planetarium is open for visits at night. Very interesting are the fact that in this region there is the purest skies of Eastern Europe all year round. Perhaps that is why there often open up new stars.

Pamporovo hosts ski carnivals and shows, different cultural and folklore events. For business people, who count every minute, there is a business center where they can use the Internet, computers and other means of communication.

If you choose Pamporovo for a winter holiday, your vacation will be just wonderful!

Why do you enjoy the holiday in Pamporovo?

  • 1. The combination of low prices and European quality of service.
  • 2. Both skiers of all levels and guests who just want to relax will find here everything they need.
  • 3. The large variety of modern equipped pistes of all degrees of complexity.
  • 4. The greatest choice of hotels to suit every taste and budget.
  • 5. Unique national flavor and delicious cuisine.
  • 6. Rich variety of entertainment and winter fishing.


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