Cyprus cuisine

Everywhere on the island tavern, where traditional food menu, and in many ways reminiscent of interpreting Greek cuisine. Everywhere you can try:

  • zivania- aperitif with a rich aroma of anise
  • aphelion - pork in wine sauce with coriander seeds
  • barbouni - red trout
  • "Brandy Sour" - a cocktail of Cyprus brandy and lemon juice with drops of Angostura with ice cubes or soda water
  • dolmades - dish of minced meat with rice wrapped in grape leaves
  • keftedes - meat croquettes with spices
  • kleftiko - pieces of lamb with bay leaves, oregano, baked in a clay oven
  • kolokasiya - sweet potato
  • Commandaria - a sweet dessert wine, port-like long exposure
  • lukanika - Cypriot sausages with coriander seeds
  • lunza - smoked pork tenderloin, marinated in red wine and coriander
  • meze - a set of snacks and hot and cold dishes (20-30 positions) to be applied to small plates, including meat or fish, vegetables, sauces, salads, herbs
  • moussaka - aubergine with minced meat, baked in a béchamel sauce
  • oktapodi - octopus
  • stifado - beef in wine vinegar, liberally seasoned with onions and spices
  • souvlaki - pork skewer
  • sudzukos - sweet almond grain to grape molasses
  • tahini - a thick paste of sesame seeds with lemon
  • talatturi - cold yogurt with cucumbers, mint and garlic
  • Taramasalata - fish eggs, whipped with parsley, lemon juice and onions
  • filfar - liqueur with orange scent
  • Halloumi - Grilled goat cheese with mint aroma
  • hummus - traditional Arabic appetizer with pea flavor, sesame paste, olive oil and parsley
  • sheftali - grilled patties of minced meat with spices

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