Latchi. Recreation and tours 2021

    The beautiful village of Latchi is located on the coast of the northern part of the Akamas peninsula, 5 km from the town of Polis Chrysochous. 2 km long sand-and-shingle beach of Latchi attracts fans of relaxing holidays. This place remains flavor of a traditional piscatory settlement and pacification which many tourists want to find during holidays. There are only a few hotels on the seafront near the village and not so much people is at the municipal beach even in the high season. That gives the attractiveness of the little town. The spirit of the resort is pleasant for a relaxing holidays with the family.


    Latchi is famous among tourists and locals for the wonderful sandy beaches and restaurants serving excellent seafood dishes (the famous Cypriot meze with fish). There are modern diving centers in a small village which has recently become popular for holidays. In addition to observation of the coastal waters and restaurants you can choose boat trips or excursions around the beautiful surrounding countryside.


    The region is also interesting for active holidays. You can go through trails of the Akamas peninsula (named after the son of the mythological hero Theseus), visit the foothills of the Troodos, see the cozy mountain villages.


    Polis Chrysochous is located 5 km from Latchi and 30 km from Paphos. It is a small resort town north-west of Cyprus. The town is distant from the popular tourist places and attracts fans of relaxing holiday offering comfortable infrastructure amd everything necessary for travelers. You can come here to the historic excursion because a city had been built on the place of Marion, one of the ten oldest city-states of the island. The exposition of the local historical museum offers you make a trip into the rich history of Cyprus.




    The beach of Latchi is well-equipped with a rescue towers, showers, sun umbrellas, sun bads, beach pathes, restaurants and cafes, parking. The beach strip in widths from 30 to 50 m is separated from the road rocky path with greenery and benches. Due to the coastal breakwaters (limiting the area for swimming also) there are no high waves on the beach. The water is warm and clear. Entry into the water is easy and the depth is 1.5 m at a distance of 6-7 meters from the shore and away from the shore the depth increases up to 5 m.

    The Baths of Aphrodite 

    One of the main attractions of the region is the Baths of Aphrodite located on the coast of the eastern part of the Akamas peninsula.

    Travelers can see the grotto with a baths where the beautiful Aphrodite was spening time with Adonis according to legend. Going down from the baths on the coast you can relax on a comfortable pebble beach with clean and warm water.


    In addition to visiting the baths, you can stroll along the scenic paths both along the coast (to the Blue Lagoon with an attractive turquoise water), and deep into the peninsula, and in the mountains (the "Aphrodite path" is on top of the mountain Sotiras, where you can see stunning views of the bay and coastline), and the mountain forest ("Adonis trail").