Nicosia. Recreation and tours 2021

    Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, the center of economic and cultural, commercial and industrial life, a university town. However, the city has a peculiarity, it is the only capital city in the world map, which is divided into two parts by different States, in addition to the traditional administrative role of each capital. The boundary is the so-called "green line" that runs directly into the heart of the city and divides it between the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (the Turkish version of the city is Lefkosha).

    The history of Nicosia dates back to the 6th century BC. Names and ages changed one another: the city was a mainstay of Christianity in the 5th century, the residence of Catholicism in the 12-15 centuries, and in the 16th, in the Venetian era, the city gained the look familiar in our day. The independent Republic of Cyprus was proclaimed after the Turkish and British rule in 1960, and the border, sharing Cyprus in the South and the North, has passed through the city in 1974. Today, the city has about 400 thousand inhabitants. Approximately 300 thousand people live on the Cypriot side, and about 100 people live in the Turkish part.  The residence of the president, the archbishop, as well as embassies are located in Nicosia.

    The most interesting architectural monuments of Nicosia are the complex of the castle walls of the Venetian era and Famagusta Gate, Archbishop's Palace, and Cathedral of Saint Sophia in the northern part.

    Attractions are located in the Old Town, and pedestrian Ledra Street with its shops and cafes is here too. It starts from the Freedom Square and the bastion D'Avila where the municipality is located. You can go through Ledra to the point of customs control to enter the Turkish side of the city. Tourists should remember that it is necessary to have a passport to walk in the Turkish part of Nicosia.

    "People's Area" Laiki Yitonia of Nicosia are also interesting. There are a lot of souvenir shops and many picturesque streets.

    There is active capital life in the New Town. There are a shopping and entertainment centers, clubs, restaurants, offices and commercial buildings.