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Paralimni. Recreation and tours 2021


Paralimni is a small town in the resort place of Cyprus. It is located a few kilometers from the coast, what makes it a little less attractive for travelers who prefer accommodation near the sea. At the same time it is an important tourist center, combining the popular seaside resort of Protaras, Pernera and Kapparis.

The city's name means "the lake" in Greek but the tourists, who come to this place in the summer, can not always see the lake because it grows shallow and dry up in the hot months. But the fecundity of the surrounding land is not reduced. Paralimni is located in the area called Kokkinochoria in Greek, which means "village with red ground." Islanders grow excellent crops of potatoes and other crops on the fecund red ground.

Paralimni has gained popularity in the last four decades, becoming in that time from a small village, located far away from the Famagusta (which was the famous recreation center before the Turkish occupation), in the attractive Mediterranean resort. You can easily get to the beach of Paralimni  from Protaras by bus.


The old and the new churches of St. George

Besides the historical and architectural monuments, temples in Paralimni are interesting too. The churches are located next to each other like 'brothers' or 'sisters' houses in other European countries. But the churches were built here close to each other, the old church of St. George and the new church of St. George.

Prophet Elias Church

Prophet Elias Church is located on the hill a little away from the road on the way from Paralimni to Protaras. The snow-white, seemingly very fragile temple was built on the hill. A staircase of 170 steps leads to the temple, "Tree of Wishes" hung with messages of tourists to God is located close to the church. There are spectacular views of the surrounding area.


Pernera resort village is located 10-minute drive from Paralimni on the coast. In the warm season it is a lively place with many restaurants, bars, craft shops. There is wonderful view of the bay of Famagusta from the observation deck.

The village of Deryneia

Small village Deryneia is located In the north-west of Paralimni behind the lake. It is the most far village of the Greek part of Cyprus close to "Green Line". Famagusta is located 2-3 km on the other side and next the Turkish-occupied territory. You can see with binoculars the dead city of Varosha from the observation deck of the Cultural Center. This city is a grim reminder of the tragedy of the Greek Cypriot people.