Religion of Cyprus

The influence of different cultures and religions has mixed in the long history of Cyprus. Probably, this factor influenced the fact that today the inhabitants of the island have a free choice of religion and they are tolerance towards representatives of different religions

Orthodoxy is the religion of the majority of the islanders, combining Greek Cypriots.

The Orthodox Church of Cyprus is Autocephalous uniting one archbishopric and five metropolitanates and this is controlled by the Holy Synod. Church of Cyprus is represented by 500 churches and monasteries 9.

The church plays important role in the history of the island. The Orthodox Church of Cyprus had a significant impact on the cultural and humanitarian development of the island in the last century, today the church often affects public policy.


The similarity of cultures and religious traditions is the source of the friendly attitude Cypriots to the tourists who are Orthodox Christians. Cyprus is a popular destination of pilgrimage tourism. Many palmers visit the Orthodox shrines of the island every year.

There are other denominations on the island addition Orthodoxy namely Catholicism, Protestantism (Anglicanism), the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Second numerous religion Cyprus is Islam uniting the Turkish Cypriots.

Sunni Muslims make up about a fifth of the island's population, followers of Islam live in northern Cyprus traditionally.