The Useful Tips

What should you bring?

Sports suit, beach towel, sweater and socks, a cap with a visor and cap without a visor, beachwear, waterproof suit and shoes will come in handy you besides the usual things. You also may have maxi-shorts with pockets for all sorts of things, sunglasses and protective sun cream. If you have a good pair of binoculars, take it with you, do not forget also about the camera. More you do not need.
If you need some special medication, bring stock of medicines. It is desirable to have some cash in the local currency. There are no ATMs on the coast. Your luggage is desirable to keep in a soft bag (eg: backpack), but not in hard suitcases, so this can be easily hidden.

About your safety

Firstly, a skilled captain is at the helm of each yacht. Yachts do not turn over and not sink, these travel even in bad weather, due to the peculiarities of its structure (eg: two-meter height keel weighing two tons). Yachts are safe with both motor and sail. Yacht has a full package of electronic equipment, including automatic location system and automatic fire extinguishing of engine system. There are also a set of rescue equipment on the board (rescue boat, jackets for 10 people, etc.)

What could you see?

You will see not only dolphins, sea seals, enchanting sunsets, but picturesque sceneries. The main advantage is the ability to visit places that are not available for other types of travelling. You will visit deserted islands, beautiful beaches, traditional Greek villages. Calm azure sky will create romantic atmosphere. Every day we will visit different places according to your wishes.

What can you do else?

Sailing, fishing, and diving!

What impressions will you get?

Of course, you get the impression of silence, serenity and enjoying the sea, traveling with the wind, the experience of navigation under sail. You will visit different places, as well as you will know the traditional features of the mainland and island Greece. It is adventure among blue sky and clear Greek sea. It is also romantic, exciting, and funny moments. You will be very satisfied and probably you will argue that the time was not enough!