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Tours to Cyprus

Cyprus is the charming ancient island full of romantic legends and antique myths. The clear Mediterranean Sea, warm climate, magnificent sandy coasts, scenic mountains and the most delicious traditional cuisine will move even the most indifferent of people.

This paradise in the east of the Mediterranean Sea is the ideal place for a summer holiday. There the typical Mediterranean climate is characterized by dry and hot summer lasting from May to October. The high tourist season starts from the beginning of August to the middle of September.

You can choose from a range of beach resorts if you book tours to Cyprus. The total length of the coastline of Cyprus is more than 700 km. The majority of beaches  are sandy, 59 of these are awarded by the Blue flag of the European Union for their pristine state and quality of service.

Sightseeing tours to Cyprus are often booked because in its long history, the island had witnessed the rise and fall of many civilizations, each of these left their cultural and architectural marks. Besides ancient monuments and various archeological sites on the island, there are a lot of ancient monasteries and churches which also make for popular pilgrimage tours to Cyprus.

One more reason for the island's popularity is Traditional Cypriot cuisine. Cypriot cuisine combines the best of both Greek and Oriental cuisines, and its myriad of flavours will be to the taste of any gourmet.

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