Olympia. Patras. Cathedral of St. Andrew.

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  • Departure city: Attica

Let’s enjoy a journey to the Peloponnese peninsula.

On the way we’ll have a stop in the city of Patras, in the Cathedral of St. Andrew, where are the relics of the saint and a fragment of the cross on which he was crucified. In Ancient Olympia were held the famous Olympic Games - the most famous festival of ancient Greece. During the games, it was stopped the war, and all enmity. Holy Fire was lit long before the famous sanctuary of Hera and Zeus were created, as well as a statue of Praxiteles, which can be seen today in the museum of Olympia.

Today - it is peaceful place surrounded by pine trees, plane trees, which has churches, a gymnasium and a stadium, in which, after almost 3000 years, during the 2004 Olympic Games, were held athletics competitions.