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  • Departure city: Attica

Enjoy one-day excursion to legendary mountain Parnas, where old town Delphi is situated on the slopes. Delphi is the place which inspires a special reverence. Steep cliffs rise to the sky and transform into gentle slopes, and lower there are the ruins of the ancient town.

Delphi fascinate for its size and variety of monuments, reminisce about the stormy history. Here we can distinguish three parts. The upper part is devoted to the Apollo’s oracle, to which Greek states brought rich gifts in ancient times. Athenians gifts are of special interest because they are covered with inscriptions, glorifying Athens and expressing gratitude to the residents of the city to Apollo.

The center of the sanctuary is the Apollo’s temple, where legendary Pythia (The Oracle) set enthroned. She told mysterious predictions on behalf of Apollo. The stone is situated at this temple and symbolizing the center of the earth.

Lower part, in honor of the Goddess Athena, includes one of the most beautiful monuments – rotunda with columns.  In the museum located nearby there are numerous treasures, including the famous statue “Charioteer” and a lot of roman statues.