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  • Departure city: Attica

Unforgettable will be a visit to this geological wonder of nature, included to UNESCO World Heritage List. Meteora had to be seen with your own eyes to believe in their existence.

Christian monasteries of Meteora, based on the huge steep rocks, majestic aspiring to the sky, causing an indescribable feeling, combines at the same time fear and admiration. "The eighth wonder of the world" - this place is so called. And it is only a pale attempt to convey in words the greatness of Meteor with their amazing combination of natural beauty and the greatness of the human spirit. "Floating in the air" - so translates the name of the place.

Stunning scenery amount the hundreds of rocks that are fixed in the sky like giant teeth. Rocks over time gained the most bizarre shapes and resemble "a city of rocks". On their tops incredibly there are located monasteries XIV-XVI centuries: priceless monuments of history and culture with its rich collection of icons, frescoes and special architecture. Until today the way these monasteries were built remains a mystery. In the heyday of the monastic life in the XVI century, at the same time there were opened 24 monasteries. Today they have six, four male and two female. All are available for tourists. Today Meteora - one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Greece.

During the excursion you’ll see the Meteora and visit to functioning monastery.

There are strict rules for all who wish to visit the monastery:

-         For woman entrance to the monastery in pants, shorts, mini-skirts and blouses in with open arms are denied

-         For men are denied entry to the monastery in shorts and blouse with bare shoulders.

On the way we’ll stop for lunch (at a charge).