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Vacation in Georgia 2020

Georgia is attractive and unique country literally. The piece of the Caucasus is always sunny, hospitable and cheerful. Georgia occupies 70 thousand sq. km only but there are so many beautiful places!

Mouzenidis Travel offers you to spend holiday in Georgia, during which you will be able to be acquainted with beauties of this wonderful country and see a lot of sights. The main and the most famous sights of Georgia are Temple Vardzia carved into the rock, Borjomi health resort located in the Tesheli mountains, the ancient city of Gori on the bank of the Mtkvari River, the beautiful towns of Batumi, Adjara, Mtsheli and many others.

The  wealth of nature and modern service is combined here, that's why holiday in Georgia is so popular. Visit Georgia with Mouzenidis Travel and that will win your heart forever!

Tours in Georgia in 2020

Georgia is a wonderful combination of beautiful nature and hospitable Caucasian people. Georgia attracts tourists with its democratical prices, the pure Black Sea coast, the possibility to see a lot of historical, architectural, and natural attractions, and, of course, with the famous Georgian cuisine.

Mouzenidis Travel invites you to Georgia and offers a wide choise of tours. Tours in Georgia are not a classic tourist product by our tour operator . We devise our tours so that you can be acquainted with this amazing country