Bakuriani. Recreation and tours 2020

    Bakuriani - a famous winter resort, located 180 kilometers west of Tbilisi, at an altitude of 1800 meters in the Borjomi gorge, surrounded by mighty mountain ranges of the Caucasus. World-famous Borjomi springs originate from the top of the mountains Bakuriani. Wells and bottling plants are located just 30-40 minutes away from the village on a clear day.

    Ski season in Bakuriani starts in mid-December and lasts until mid-March.

    Ski slopes

    There are three area for downhill skiing and snowboarding in Bakuriani: Kokhta, Didveli, "25''.


    Bakuriani offers 4 active pistes: Didveli, Tatra, Kokhta, "25".

    The total length of the route is 18 km. The height of the large slope is 2700 meters above sea level.

    Two ski areas located on Mount Kokhta - Kokhta 1, length - 1.5 km, and Kokhta 2 that is suitable for confidently standing on skis. Its length - 3 km.

    Tatra – two-level piste with length of 500-1800 m.

    Didveli - a new skiing area in Bakuriani on the slopes of the Trialeti Range. Here operates the gondola cableways and chairlifts.

    Didveli offers the highest level of comfort and 14 kilometers of ski slopes.

    “25”- training slope in the center of Bakuriani, where are installed several brackets and "plates" for children and beginners.

    Ski pass

    The cost of a ski passes in a season 2016-2017





    One-time rise

    5 lari

    5 lari

    1-2 lari


    25 lari

    20 lari


    5 days a week

    143 lari

    98 lari


    Night skiing

    10 lari

    10 lari


    Ski rental service

    Ski equipment rental office work before an exit to lift, ski rental starts from 15 lari.


    The unique climate and well-developed entertainment industry rightly gives Bakuriani status of one of the finest year-round recreational zones of Georgia.

    Winter is cold, but not severe (-6-7 ° C) and, as a rule, a sun, a lot of snow. Weather is mostly windless, high duration of sunny days.

    The average height of snow is 64 cm.

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