Batumi. Recreation and tours 2020

    Batumi is the capital of Ajaria with a population of over 120 000 people. It is one of the oldest cities; according to historical data, it was founded before our era. First mention of the city dates back to the IV century BC. by Greek philosopher Aristotle. Originally Batumi was called "Batus", from the Greek word «Βαθύς» - deep. In Medieval times city was renamed from Batus into Batoni.

    Batumi always had a good geographical location and because of it various states and civilizations fought for the opportunity to own it. In ancient times, the local population had good trade relations with many countries, and under the rule of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, the Roman military camp was located on the territory of Batumi. In the XVIII century Batumi belonged to the Ottoman Empire.

    Interesting historical past greatly influenced the architectural majesty of the city of Batumi. Even in times of Porto Franco in the city were realized many projects of famous European architects, which gave the city a new, original and unique look, and turned it from the port city into a popular tourist destination which is very popular from tourists to this day.

    The city impresses with its contrast. It manages to combine modern European values and at the same time carefully preserving their cultural values. Here, modern skyscrapers alternated with architectural masterpieces of the medieval times, and the new quarters with colorful streets.

    From our days in Batumi there are still saved the famous shrine: Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Nicholas Church, Surgub Prkch church and a mosque Jama Org.

    Batumi attracts tourists not only due to its historical significance and cultural heritage, but for clean beaches, high level of service and warm sea. Also, in the city and around the city there are a lot of various options for active pastime.