Borjomi. Recreation and tours 2020

    Borjomi - recreational and spa resort located in the south-east of Georgia, 150 km from the capital - the city of Tbilisi. For experienced travelers who already had time to appreciate the holidays in Georgia, Borjomi – it is not just a well-known health resort, but also one of the most beautiful places in the country with a unique climate and beautiful nature.

    The convenient location in the valley of the Kura River allows to protect this place from a variety of natural phenomena, so there is always warm and sunny, and the air is very clean, filled with the heady aromas of mountain freshness.

    Mineral water is the main thing that glorified this resort. Of course, if there were no mineral springs, people would still come here to relax, but today they come here mainly to improve the health.

    This is one of the most popular destinations of eco-tourism. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the beauty of nature and to improve their health in the local sanatorium.

    Mineral water Borjomi is very useful for:

    • Gynecological diseases;
    • Problems with the digestive tract;
    • Diseases of the respiratory system;
    • Kidney problems;
    • Diseases of the nervous system;
    • Violation of metabolism.

    There is also architectural Christian and medieval sights. For example, in a small village Daba it is located well known far outside Georgia Church of St. George, carved in the rock almost a thousand years ago.

    From Borjomi to Kharagauli it stretches one of Europe's largest national parks; its area occupies almost 8% of the entire territory of Georgia. The park combines a variety of climatic zones, geographical reliefs, landscapes, rich flora and fauna.

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