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    Chakvi - Georgia's protected eco-resort. This is an urban-type settlement, which is located thirteen kilometers from the Adjara capital of Batumi, if you move to the north. Village located on the coast with a picturesque view and it is through it that it connects with the territory of the Batumi Botanical Garden and the resort village of Buknari.

    One of the most famous attractions of Chakvi is its six-kilometer beach, covered with delicate white sand. The waters of the Black Sea off the coast of the village are striking in crystal clearness, thanks to large mountain rivers that flow into the sea near Batumi.

    The bottom of the sea is shallow and to the depth goes slowly, without dips or grottoes, which is ideal for active marine recreation of tourists with small children.

    In the city, the beach is ennobled by all kinds of amenities. Here you can rent a sunbed or a parasol, visit various restaurants or cafes where you can taste Georgian refreshing wines and delicious dishes. In the north of the village is the embankment, which is very popular among locals and tourists. Walking here in the evening, you can contemplate the views of the Batumi Botanical Garden and Tsikhisdziri resort, and the sea breeze will pleasantly brighten up your walk.

    Tsikhisdziri, by the way, is famous throughout the district for its ruins of an ancient fortress built during the Byzantine Empire. Nowadays, there are archaeological sites that you can visit with a tour and explore the early Christian basilica and baths. In the acropolis of this fortress until the 10th century AD there was a bishop's chair, which was abolished during the events of the split of the Christian church into Roman Catholic and Orthodox. But this is not the only historical legacy of Chakvi.

    In the XX century, the village was famous for its tea production and its surroundings were filled with endless tea plantations. To this day, the house of the Chinese tea grower Lau Jan Jaw, the founder of the Chakvin tea production tradition, who adapted Chinese tea to the local climate by order of the Russian Empire, has survived. Lau lived and worked in Chakvi for almost a quarter of a century. Ksenia Bakhtadze, a well-known woman-tea maker throughout the republic, worked and lived in the Chakvi Republic under the USSR.


    History of Chakvi dates back several centuries ago in the Russian Empire. Initially, it was a small village of fishermen in which nothing significant happened.

    All the troubles and important events of past epochs avoided this place, and the population lived in their craft and were not interested in what was happening in the big world.

    The eventful fortress turned out to be the ancient fortress of Petra, which is 7 kilometers to the north. Its subjects were built by the Byzantine Empire, then various states fought for it at different periods: Persia, Byzantium, Russia, Turkey, the Georgian Principality, and many others.

    At the beginning of the 20th century, tea master Lau Jan Jaw came to Chakvi and founded the first Georgian-Chinese tea plantations here, for which he received a state award. In 1925, the Chinese master left the village, but his brainchild continued to develop. Case of Lau was continued by the tea grower Ksenia Bakhtadze. Three tea factories and a tea pressing workshop were already operating in the village with her. Also, new wineries of all possible sizes and formats grew up in Chakvi.

    During the independence of Georgia, all tea plants and wineries were closed in Chakvi. Village gradually began to fade, but the last two or three years, hotels began to be built on its territory, and tourists from around the world liked the local coast of the Black Sea.


    There is no private beach at the resort. Chakvi occupies the entire coast together with the neighboring resort of Buknari - from the rocks near the Botanical Garden in Batumi to the Peter Fortress. In total, the coast is 6 kilometers long. The only minus of the beach is the proximity of the noisy railway.

    Accommodation in Chakvi

    There are three types of accommodation for vacation in Chakvi - a hotel, a private house or a camping tent.

    The most famous hotels in Chakvi are only 3. These are Hotel Dreamland Oasis, Palma Hotel, Champion. In addition, there are several dozen guest houses in the village that can be booked in advance. They belong to local residents, so while relaxing in small hostels, you will not only get to know the cuisine and life of Georgia more closely, but also support small businesses. Here is a short list of the best hostels: Apartament in Chakvi, Chakvi Apartment, Cottage in Chakvi and Seaside cottages.Chakvi is great for children. There is a eucalyptus grove that fills the air with incredible aromas, a long promenade for walks, the Botanical Garden and the Peter Fortress.

    When renting a house from the local population, every tourist will encounter the Georgian national mentality. The main features of the Georgian people have always been considered hospitality, sincerity and self-esteem. A man in a Georgian family takes on the role of protector and leader, and boys literally from birth are taught courage and determination.

    Optimism is the main companion of the Georgian people. Therefore, do not hesitate to laugh at their jokes, the local population will appreciate such cheerfulness and affability. But it is worth remembering respect, the slightest rudeness or unsuccessful phrase can quarrel with a Georgian. Local women love to gossip and chat a lot with friends.

    How to get there

    You can get from Batumi to Chakvi in ​​15 minutes, just take the minibus, which travels from Tbilisi Square or from the city exit. The minibus costs like a bus and, in principle, is no different - 1 GEL. You can also take a taxi for 20 GEL. More expensive, but with comfort.

    National cuisine

    Arriving to relax in Chakvi, you must definitely try the national cuisine of Georgia. It is here that you can discover the most magical moments of Georgian cuisine in any restaurant or cafe, even the most inexpensive. But separately it is worth noting a few dishes that it would be strange not to try.

    Khachapuri is a national dish, which is a cake with viscous cheese. There may be several types, but the most common in Chakvi and beloved by many is Adjarian khachapuri with a yolk on top.

    Another traditional dish will delight every vegetarian or just people watching their diet - phali. This appetizer is a paste of young vegetables, delicate and refined, despite the apparent simplicity. But meat-eaters will not pass by Satsivi with chicken. Pieces of fragrant chicken, soaked in a delicate sauce with a tart nutty flavor, leave a pleasant aftertaste, and adding Georgian wine to the dish, you can get a unique feeling. Chakhokhbili, a rich stew with pieces of meat, is also prepared with chicken. Many spices gives the hot dish a unique flavor. For those who like spicy dishes, kharcho is ideal. Famous traditional Georgian soup really burns, and its density and many ingredients make the dish hearty and mouth-watering. Of course, everyone knows dough bags, artfully curled from above, stuffed with ground beef, herbs, delicious broth ... Khinkali is one of Georgia’s calling cards, and therefore, when you arrive in Chakvi, you should not miss the opportunity to try this dish in his homeland.

    If you want to eat and refresh yourself at the same time, choose dolma. It looks like cabbage rolls, but instead of cabbage, a grape leaf is used for the dish, which gives a pleasant sourness. Dolma is usually served with sour-milk sauce, fresh and tender.

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