Gonio is a popular seaside resort located on the Black Sea coast of Georgia, fifteen kilometers from the capital of Adjara - Batumi. 

    But in spite of the short distance separating the resort from the hectic resort life, Gonio is not a metropolitan suburb, but an autonomous, quiet, secluded tourist center, ideal for a relaxing, comfortable family vacation.

    Guests who come here to relax, appreciate the silence, natural beauty of pristine nature and sea vacations on the beach, here you can find free loungers or an umbrella for relaxation at any time. 

    At the same time, one cannot say that Gonio is a provincial town lost in the mountains and not having its own legendary history. Resort is known outside of Georgia, and not only among the tourist community.

    Twenty centuries have passed since this village was mentioned in its history by Pliny the Younger, and during this time Gonio was both the ancient Roman strategic outpost in Colchis, the Byzantine fortress, and the main Turkish stronghold in the war with the Russian Empire of 1878. Since then, only part of the once powerful fortifications, the so-called Gonio-Apsaros fortress, has survived in Gonio.

    Today there is a museum-reserve with an area of ​​4.5 hectares, on the territory of which you can see a kilometer section of the fortress walls up to five meters high and eighteen formidable towers.

    Second main attraction of Gonio and the pride of the resort is a perfectly clean pebble beach. Mountain rivers, sometimes carrying not very clear waters from the mountains to the Black Sea, fortunately pass the Gonio area, and the water on the local beach is crystal clear and absolutely safe. Conventionally, the beach is divided into the north - the so-called "wild beach" and the south - equipped tourist area, where tourists staying in hotels and the resort's private sector. 

    Tourists who prefer to combin e beach and sightseeing vacations in the resort of Gonio can also see the famous tomb of St. Matthew, ruins of an ancient pipeline and Roman baths, as well as the exposition of the museum of archaeological finds.

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