About resort

    Second largest place in the Adjara region is occupied by the popular Georgian resort, located at a distance of 21 kilometers from Batumi - Kobuleti. This place got its fame for a 10-kilometer strip of beaches, both pebble and sand.

    Here you can easily relax with a big company. Thanks to the local subtropical climate in the summer, the temperature rises to 28 degrees, so it will be quite comfortable with children here. Travelers called Kobuleti "budget Batumi" - and there are reasons for this. Prices are much more affordable, but the number of tourists is much lower. There is a lot of entertainment here, so this resort can compete on an equal footing with the capital of Adjara.

    There are many housing options: private houses rented from local residents, or expensive hotels - each tourist will find a suitable place.

    Another advantage of Kobuleti is its proximity to mineral springs. Thanks to this, balneological procedures are actively developed at the resort. Modern motels and pensions offer a wide range of wellness programs that are based on both new techniques and classic ones.

    History of Kobuleti

    The beginning of the Georgian resort’s path dates back to BC. The city that stood here in the era of II — I thousand years BC. e. was an important point on the path between the Crimea and Persia. With the moment the Russian estate arrived in these territories, the "General District" was founded: a place where retired generals and families preferred to rest in summers at summer cottages. True glory came to the resort only in the middle of the twentieth century. During this period, a lot of resorts and hotels appeared here.

    An interesting fact: in Kobuleti, part of the scenes of the legendary film “Love and Pigeons” was shot. Entertainment

    Especially popular here is a large amusement park "Tsitsinatela." The name of the park suits him as well as possible, because with the onset of the evening it lights up with thousands of bright lights. About 300 thousand people come here every season. The park holds about 30 rides, varying in degree of extremeness.

    In case of rain, you can go into the halls with slot machines or go bowling. The territory is well equipped, there are places for relaxation. It will not be boring for adults who dream again to plunge into childhood. Cheerful music constantly sounds in the park, and entertainment does not stop all day. Important information: ticket offices are located directly at the entrance to the park, you won’t be able to get vouchers near the rides. Therefore, it is better to take some tickets with you so as not to run around a large territory.

    Those who are interested in history may be interested in the Kobulet Museum. It exhibits unique finds made during archaeological expeditions. Exhibits introduce everyone to the life of residents of different eras. On the territory of the fortress were discovered unique finds, the first of which date from the Late Bronze Age, and the newest - from the late Middle Ages. In the 4th century, Emperor Justinian liked to be here. The Byzantine ruler ordered the founding of a fortified city and a cathedral on this site. These lands were important strategically, because they were at the intersection of significant trade routes.

    Peter's fortress changed its ownership more than once, since fights often occurred between Persians and Byzantines. Already in the 19th century, the fierce battles of the Russian-Turkish war raged here.

    The male half of travelers will love the Fazisi Stadium, where football matches are often held. Arena is designed for 6 thousand people, and therefore during sporting events here is noisy and crowded. Mtirala National Park is also located nearby Kobuleti. The main reason why tourists come here are mineral springs and springs. The reserve received its name on behalf of Mount Mtirala (translated from Georgian - weeping), located here.

    The mountain got its name because it is constantly covered in fog. We opened the park in 2007. Large areas allow you to freely walk in the fresh air. In addition to the springs, you should look into the village, where there are chestnut houses. These buildings, surprisingly, have been standing for about 200 years.

    Another nice attraction nearby is the Kintrishi National Park. Here, the eyes of a tourist discover the bewitching beauty of wildlife. From everywhere you can hear the noise of mountain rivers and magnificent waterfalls, lakes sparkle under the bright rays of the sun, fill the air with the scent of pine needles, where relict pines grow.


    Subtropical climate characteristic of the Adjara coast is famous for its mild winters, hot summers and high humidity. If in the summer the thermometer moves to a maximum mark of 30 degrees, then in winter it does not drop below 5 degrees, which makes the rest in this resort pleasant and comfortable at any time of the year. Weather is almost perfect here. Rare snow in the winter and fresh sea breeze in the summer, maintaining an adequate temperature - Kobuleti attracts tourists not only with its sights. Season starts here in May, and it ends in October. The so-called "velvet season" awaits travelers in November.
    Such climatic features have caused many unusual plants that can be found in Kobuleti. Tea plantations, citrus groves, thickets of eucalyptus and bamboo are only the brightest representatives of the resort flora.


    Since 2010, the resort has gained the importance of a free tourist and economic zone. This helps the city attract new investors, because they are completely tax-free in the construction of hotels and other important tourist sites. At the present stage in Kobuleti there are many hotels, restaurants and seasonal cafes. However, the resort actively lives only in season. Service sector here is at a high level, while it is not inferior in quality to the more famous Georgian resorts.

    There are few streets in the city - only two, but the length of these parallel roads is 9 kilometers. Near them stretched the promenade and the beach. On the main street there are many cafes, restaurants, bars, discos and other institutions beloved by the guests of the city.

    Kobuleti beaches

    The Black Sea coast of Georgia is only pebble. However, compared to the beaches in Batumi, on the territory of Kobuleti, the pebbles are smaller, and then more comfortable for relaxing, even with children. On 10 kilometers of the coast are located both public urban beaches and areas belonging to sanatoriums or hotels. Arriving in the season, the tourist will see in the coastal areas a lot of beach cafes and restaurants, as well as open-air discos. You can have fun riding a banana, catamaran, scooter. The embankment is simple, but very atmospheric and colorful. Some sections have already been updated, and therefore new buildings of hotels and charming restaurants are visible. The old ones still have simple houses, sometimes even dilapidated.


    Kobuleti has all the necessary conditions to create a truly comfortable resort. Disease prevention and treatment is carried out using the natural conditions that this land is rich in. Among the procedures, climatology, mud treatment and heliotherapy are especially popular.However, many tourists come here for mineral waters, the sources of which are located just two kilometers from the city. The use of this water can help with diseases of the digestive and excretory systems, liver and metabolism. Often prescribed treatment for diseases of the nervous and circulatory systems, problems with the skin and joints.

    Doctors make an appointment only after passing a range of tests and analyzes. At the same time, a list of health-improving procedures is determined, as well as which bathrooms should be taken and how much water to consume.

    Air of Kobuleti is endowed with healing properties. Sea air and humidity contribute to the development of such a direction of recovery as thalassotherapy.

    The basis of this method is the climate, the properties of algae, therapeutic mud and sea water. Here you can recover without the help of doctors, going for walks or jogging along the promenade. Such promenades will perfectly affect the state of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

    How to get there

    You can get from Batumi by train, taxi or minibus. The most expensive trip will be by taxi - about 15-20 GEL, however, it will also be the shortest in time - a little less than half an hour. Approximately 40 minutes, the road will take a minibus, but it will cost one and a half lari. The same will be the way from Tbilisi or Kutaisi.

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