About resort 

    Near the sea at a distance of 15 kilometers from Batumi is a small village - Kvariati. It is located between Gonio and Sarpi, almost touching the border with Turkey (it is only two kilometers away). The seaside village is divided into two parts. One is located near the water, the second is on the hillsides above the highway. The quiet village, hidden in the green mountains, rightfully belongs to the best sea resorts of Adjara.  

    Kvariati beaches are among the cleanest in Georgia, the sea water is crystal clear, and the rest by the sea will be relatively calm.  

    This place is very quiet, but various cafes and water activities are scattered along the coast. Those who want the most fun holiday should go to Batumi, where you can get there in 20 minutes. 
    Located in a diving center. Of course, it is worth a visit to this small settlement. Experienced instructors teach everyone, here you can get PADI (special diving certificate). It will be interesting to go to the sunken ships at the bottom of the sea.  

    Restaurants and Cafes

    Mostly on the beach, so they work only in the summer. Restaurant can be visited all year round. The dishes in the restaurants are simple and without frills, a bit like peasant ones. However, this does not make them worse: Georgian cuisine is manifested in them very brightly, and everywhere they cook very tasty. A full dinner with wine will cost about 40 GEL. In cafes and restaurants around the world much more.

    Sights of Kvariati

    There are no attractions in the village itself, so interesting places should be sought outside the Kvariati.

    Walking along the coast, the tourist will be in Sarpi. A small village is a border point and is divided in half by the border with Turkey. Νame of the Turks is slightly different - Sarp. This sea resort attracts visitors to Georgia with its pebble beach. It is small, but very comfortable and beautiful. It is located among mountain landscapes, the sea is crystal clear, and the rock that rises into the sea (you can dive from it) makes Sarpi a truly unique place, because such rocks are rarely found in Adjara.

    On the way, you can also look at one wild beach. A secluded place will appeal to those who want to relax in silence. The only drawback of this place is that the highway is literally nearby. In Sarpi you can cross the border and you are in Turkey, but for tourists in this area there is quite a bit of entertainment. Although, compared with Kvariati, this village has a richer infrastructure: many cafes, shops, and exchange offices.

    If you go along the coast to the north, then after two kilometers you can be in Gonio. Once a little-known village has now become the epicenter of tourism. And one and a half kilometers from Gonio there is a wonderful attraction - Gonio-Apsara fortress.

    Building appeared here in the time of Ancient Rome, the first evidence of the fortification dates back to the 1st century AD. Now all that remains of the fortress is the ruins, but even they are able to interest. According to scientists, the grave of one of the four evangelists of the Apostle Matthew is located here.

    Sea and beach

    According to official Georgian documents, Kvariati is part of Batumi. Its beach is 1 km long, gradually merging in the north with the beach of Gonio. Sea is no different from what a tourist sees in Batumi, but there are much fewer people here. It is covered with the same cobblestones; the water is clean. However, Georgians prefer to come to Kvariati beach, which can be considered a good indicator.

    You can ride jet skis here, so outdoor enthusiasts will not get bored. The most densely populated part of the beach is the southern one, in the north there are much fewer vacationers.


    In the summer there will be something to do. Several cafes, children's inflatable slides. The picturesque surroundings of the beach, the aroma of eucalyptus, which spreads thanks to the trees on the mountains, and the protection from the noise of the road are the main reasons why tourists from all over the world come here. Mountains save the beach from road dust.

    By September, all entertainment in Kvariati is closed before the new tourist season. If you want to find something to do after the summer, you should go to Batumi. There tourist life lasts all year round.

    How to get there

    You can arrive in Kvariati from Batumi by bus 16 numbers or by minibuses. Kvariati will be written on them in English letters (Gonio or Sarpi variants also work).

    Buses and minibuses to Kvariati go from Batumi from Tbilisskaya Square, passing along the streets of Chavchavadze, Tbes-Abushridze and further south. It is very convenient that you can take any of the stops along the route. You will have to drive about 25 minutes, most importantly, do not forget to warn the driver to drop you off in Kvariati. Cost - 80 tetri by bus, one and a half lari on a minibus and 20 lari by taxi (suitable for large companies or families with children). Kvariati is a great place for those who are looking for romance or family comfort. It will be good with children of any age. But lovers of noisy entertainment and loud music should settle in Batumi, visiting a small village for a beach holiday.

    Kvariati is also famous for its wellness properties. Eucalyptus groves on the slopes of the mountains in the vicinity of the village saturate the air with volatile products. These substances help fight lung diseases and allergies, so Kvariati will create pleasant and, most importantly, acceptable conditions for people suffering from these diseases.

    Here you can combine a wonderful beach vacation with aromatherapy, walks along mountain trails, which will show their effect after a week of being in Kvariati. Nervous system is returning to normal, metabolism is being established, and immunity is becoming more resistant to various diseases.

    Peculiarity of Kvariati also lies in the fact that, historically, the village belongs to its founders, who lived here in pre-Christian times - lazy. This ethnic group keeps its ancient traditions to this day. Thanks to this, the village is divided into two parts.

    So, there is the upper southern (alpine) Kvariati and the northern lower - it is here that all tourist places and infrastructure are concentrated. It is here that travelers will find hotels and pensions with access to a pebble beach.

    Going to Kvariati in the summer, you can be sure that your vacation will be unforgettable. Water activities, diving, cafes, bungalows, children's attractions and much more - everyone will like such Georgia. And in addition to the clear sea, picturesque beach, mountains and fragrant air, Kvariati will take its place in the heart of tourists.

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