About resort

    The Georgian climate resort Sairme, located at a distance of 25 kilometers from Baghdadi and 55 from Kutaisi. Νame of the hospital is translated as "deer place." The city received this name due to the fact that in winter herds of these horned animals came to the watering hole. City rises 950 meters above sea level, occupying the northern slope of the Mechet Range. Narrow gorge where Sairme is located is the confluence of mountain rivers.


    By the beginning of 1941, several more wooden buildings were built, but the resort could not develop quite actively due to the lack of a road. It appeared after the war: then local residents and captured Germans built a highway, thanks to which wooden buildings were gradually replaced by boarding houses and sanatoriums.

    In those years, sports fields, pavilions with mineral water, a clinic and a government cottage appeared, which housed high-ranking persons of the Soviet Union. And already in 1954, the construction of a plant that poured mineral water for sale was completed. The collapse of the USSR affected the state of Sairme, the resort was idle for a long time. Suspended its work and the factory. The changes came with the beginning of the 2000s. Since 2011, the resort began to be built up, infrastructure was developed.

    It was then that the Sairme Hotel appeared. It is designed for 390 people (and this is half the tourist potential of the resort). Equipped shopping facilities here, modernized landscapes. They introduced a modern system at the plant, carried out computerization. Now Sairme looks like a full-fledged European resort, which surprises many tourists who come here.

    The city ranks third among Georgian balneological resorts, second only to the world-famous Borjomi and Abastumani. Modern Sairme is a developed center of treatment and recreation, which has unique natural properties and all the necessary tourist infrastructure. The largest establishments - hotel buildings, a clinic and a SPA center - are located on the banks of the largest local river. Heated water columns are located nearby.

    Mineral water

    Sairme waters are of two types: carbonic acid-hydrogen carbonate-sodium-potassium and carbonic acid-hydrocarbonate-sodium. Their composition is used in the treatment of diseases of the kidneys, intestines, gall and bladders, cholecystitis, diseases of the stomach, including peptic ulcer and gastritis. Sairme is prescribed by doctors and taken under their strict supervision.

    A new clinic in the resort provides tourists with the opportunity to undergo examination at any time of the day, get the help of specialists and appointments for treatment. The resort is popular not only in Georgia but also around the world. In addition to healing the body, people come here just to relax. Beautiful nature, clean air and water - for the sake of this, many seek here. Sairme table water is also poured here, the action of which is aimed at strengthening immunity, increasing vitality, and cleaning the body of harmful substances.

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