Sea resorts of Georgia deserve the attention of tourists, so often the beaches of Batumi and other popular cities are loaded to capacity. However, there are places where you can relax on the Black Sea. For example, Shekvetili. This small village on the coast is located 45 kilometers from Batumi. Here you can find the peace and quiet of a resort remote from civilization, so those who want parties and hype should better go to the capital of Adjara right away.

    Shekvetili is famous for its black beaches and shallow sea. Pine groves fill the air with coniferous aromas, so the rest here is also attractive for its healing effect. Right next to the coast is a park of musicians with a variety of fountains and comfortable landscaped paths for walks in the evenings. Entrance here is absolutely free, so anyone can come here.


    Resort village is perfect for relaxing with children. Fact is that the sea is clean, and the entrance to the water is gentle. In addition, the depth is small, it will be comfortable to swim even with the waves.

    Just 30 meters from the coast there are coniferous forests where you can stroll, especially in hot weather. Aromas of needles create all the conditions for natural aromatherapy.

    Three-kilometer beach is covered with dark magnetic sand. Those who were in Ureki will notice that the coating is lighter here, since the content of the magnet is less. What is nice, there are also significantly fewer people here. But this is not the only reason for silence. To the highway from the sea - half a kilometer, so the noise of passing cars will not annoy

    For those who like to relax in a tent, there are also conditions here: part of the beach is not built up. In the northern part of the village of Shekvetili, a road leading to the sea was built in the forest. It adjoins one of the best spa hotels in Georgia - Paragraph Resort.

    Resort village is not rich with infrastructure: several cafes, a local supermarket Nugesi and a minimarket where you can find fresh products and various household items. There are also no bars and discos in Shekvetili, after all, those who seek peace and solitude rest here.

    Here the coast is covered with soft sand, which also makes the village more attractive for families with children. Regarding accommodation, you can find both hotels by the sea with food, and a house in the private sector. Choosing the second option, it is important to take care of the purchase of food. You can prepare in advance and purchase everything you need in larger cities (for example, in Batumi, Ureki or Kutaisi).

    How to get there

    Way from Batumi airport begins with a trip by bus 9 or 10 of the route, going to the bus station. There you will need to transfer to a minibus. Any option that goes to Ureki, Poti, Kutaisi, Tbilisi, Zugdidi will do. Cost of the trip is 5 GEL. After 50 minutes, you will be at the right place. You need to get out on the highway near the turn to the village. From there, you will have to walk 500 meters to the sea, but you can take a taxi.

    Where to go in Shekvetili?

    Music park is located opposite the Arena, you can get here on foot from the beach. This picturesque place is a great option for walking in the evenings. Three large fountains give cosiness. Eucalyptus grove, where this local attraction is located, is well-equipped for tourists: carved benches, convenient walking paths. Park is named after 35 sculptures of musicians. Columns are installed near each statue, so music is heard from all over the park.

    But still, the main tourist destination was and remains a magnetic beach. Conveniently, here you can rent a sunbed or umbrella, and their entertainment is catamarans and jet skis. Prices here are affordable, unlike the nearby more famous cities. Beach cafe offers guests traditional cuisine and cold drinks, which will be very pleasant for family tourists.

    Having enjoyed your vacation by the sea, you can go towards Kobuleti. There is a famous amusement park "Tsitsinatela" (translated - "Firefly"). Here not only children, but also adults, who once again plunge into the atmosphere of carefree fun, will enjoy it. A little tip: buy tickets for the rides in advance, since there are ticket offices only at the entrance.

    You can go on an excursion to one of the most popular cities in Georgia. And besides, in Batumi and Tbilisi you can get acquainted with this amazing country in all its colors. Local cafes and restaurants deserve special attention. Even the simplest establishment will offer tourists an incredible number of Georgian dishes, and in addition to local wine, a meal is even more pleasant.

    Georgian cuisine

    First of all, pay attention to a variety of pastries. These are puri and khachapuri of all varieties. The most popular option is Adjarian khachapuri with cheese and yolk. But be sure to pay attention to other variations of this dish. You should also try one of the ingredients of khachapuri - suluguni cheese. Salty and viscous - a bit like Italian mozzarella. Cheese is divided into strings and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. An interesting appetizer is prepared with this cheese. Sliced ​​thin slices of suluguni are filled with fresh creamy cottage cheese with a very pleasant taste.

    Eggplant is one of the favorite vegetables in Georgia. One of the most popular snacks is the Badrijani rolls made from these vegetables with a bright filling of cheese and walnuts. The dish is usually supplemented with pomegranate seeds. They are also used in Chashushuli. This dish is a stew of veal with lots of onions and peppers.

    Khinkali and dolma will help to taste Georgia. Appetizing and fragrant, they will not let you forget about yourself for a long time. Of course, the most famous dish is barbecue with rich sauces: satsebel and tkemali. Kharcho can be a hearty meal. Spicy beef soup, where rice is sometimes added, is one of the traditional dishes of Georgian cuisine.

    Do not go past local sweets. Churchkhela is the most famous dessert, which consists of a bunch of nuts, filled with a viscous caramelized grape syrup. It is worth noting that buying this sweet on the street is a bad idea.

    It is best to buy churchkhela in stores where it is not saturated with street dust. And another interesting product is chiri (dried persimmon). Sold in the same place as churchkhela. A viscous fruit is cut and strung on a thread, after which it dries for several weeks. The most popular Georgian drinks are Borjomi water, wine and beer.

    Local lemonade with various fruits enjoys no less popularity. But Lagidze’s water will help nostalgic: soda with all kinds of syrups. Fans of drinks should pay attention to chacha. The main thing is to use in reasonable quantities.

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