Svaneti is the “land of a thousand towers”, the most distant and inaccessible mountain region of Georgia, the birthplace of the freedom-loving and proud people of the Svans, who not only preserved their way of life and unique traditions of the Caucasian highlanders for many centuries, but also spoke their own Svan language.

    Highland region of Svaneti borders with Abkhazia and Russia, occupies 4,5 percent of the territory of Georgia and consists of two regions - Upper and Lower Svaneti. You can get to the highest mountain part of Svaneti only after passing dangerous paths through the passes or along the high mountain valley of the Inguri River. The Svans say: "the good road to us is the one with which you did not break into the abyss on the way." But to make this breathtaking journey is worth at least to admire the amazing mountain panoramas and the unique architecture of the villages of Mestia, Lagami, Lehtagi, Lanchvali or Seti.

    There is also a symbol of this region - Svan towers included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Once these fortifications reliably guarded the Svans from attacks by neighboring tribes, but now they attract many tourists to the region, who, incidentally, come here by air. Aerial highland gate of Svaneti - Queen Tamara Airport has been operating here since 2010.

    But do not rely on air communication with Upper Svaneti - in the mountains, the weather is extremely changeable in summer, and in autumn, winter and spring, high snow cover tightly closes all roads, turning this land, like millennia ago, into an impregnable fortress for a long 9 months.

    However, this natural-climatic feature of Svaneti has recently been turned into an advantage. For tourists near the village of Mestia, the Hatsvali ski resort was built with well-equipped trails (the longest - 2.5 km). The season at the resort lasts from December to April.