Tbilisi. Recreation and tours 2020

    Tbilisi - beautiful and hospitable capital of Georgia, located on the banks of a beautiful river Kura. Previously, the city was called Tiflis, and its present name was given due to open in this region sulfur springs "tbili" in Georgian means "warm".

    This is a very ancient city with a history of more than 4 thousand years. During this time, the Georgian capital repeatedly was exposed to attacks from various aggressors who want to take over such an important city, located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

    Today, Tbilisi is a modern, political, cultural and economic center of the country with the historical appearance, which is formed by majestic cathedrals, medieval fortresses, old quarters and atmospheric areas.

    Tourists are traveling to Tbilisi to enjoy walks in the charming city, see the sights, taste delicious Georgian cuisine and get to know the temperamental Georgians - in other words, just get a lot of new emotions and impressions from a holiday in the city with a big heart.

    River Kura flows through Tbilisi and divides the city into two parts. The most interesting tourist areas in the Georgian capital are: the Old Town, Mtatsminda, Avlabari. There are concentrated most of monuments of architecture, history and all the best hotels.

    The city is full of the Georgian national character so it is too simple to feel it fully, just walk on Rustaveli Avenue - the main street of Tbilisi. Of course, you need to feel the taste of Georgia - for this, dine in one of the local restaurants.

    The most famous attractions, located in the city and around Tbilisi: Narikala, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Anchiskhati Church, the monument of the Mother of Kartli, Kashveti Church, the Georgian National Museum and the Botanical Garden.