“Ureki and his Magnetiti”

    Ureki is one of the most famous and most popular tourist resorts in Georgia, located on the Black Sea coast. Here, two vacation options are perfectly combined at once: beach with all kinds of marine activities and medical and health.

    Ureki is located right between two important ports of Georgia - the cities of Poti and Kobuleti. For a long time, this resort was the largest center for the extraction of magnetite - the material necessary to meet the needs of the metallurgical industry. This situation continued until the first post-war decades.

    An ancient Greek legend says that magnetite got its name by the name of a shepherd who discovered this mineral in Ancient Hellas on Mount Ida during grazing animals. It is the presence of this mineral in the sand of Ureki beach that makes the city popular in the tourism sector. And besides, several almost legendary stories that attract travelers are connected with these places.

    Another interesting story relates to the modern world. It is associated with the creator of the first rocket - the German scientist Werner von Braun. The fact is that under Ureki there was a prisoner of war camp, where the researcher was for a long time. One day he discovered that the dark sand of a local beach has unusual healing properties.

    Now this idea of ​​a brilliant scientist has already been confirmed by numerous studies. This discovery allowed Ureki to become one of the unique vacation spots where even seemingly simple sand has healing properties. The content of magnetite has also become the reason for the active use of sand during physiotherapeutic procedures.

    Sanatoriums and boarding houses offer vacationers unique treatment programs that have been helping people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system for many years, and it is possible to combat manifestations of osteoarthritis, polyarthritis and osteoporosis. Certain types of injuries are even treated simply by sunbathing on the gray beach of Ureki, and these can be not only physical health problems, but also injuries associated with the nervous system.

    Another wellness side of Ureki is eucalyptus and pine groves growing here along the coast. Due to the natural process of ionization and the saturation of air with aromas, natural aromatherapy occurs, which has a beneficial effect on the state of the respiratory tract. Combining all of the above with swimming in the purest Black Sea water, you can get a whole range of wellness treatments and fill up with strength for a long time.

    Ureki beach is a great place to relax with children. Stretching for 5 kilometers, the coast goes into the water smoothly, the entrance is gentle and lasts up to 300 meters, which allows even babies to swim safely.

    Healing sand

    Sand magnetized here strongly (up to 70%) has a beneficial effect on the human body, although marine inhabitants off the coast are not found for this reason. Ability of magnetite to treat serious illnesses has been scientifically proven. For a long time, such properties of this healing mineral were actively used for medical purposes, numerous hospitals and sanatoriums were opened. People with diseases of the heart, blood vessels, nervous system, and musculoskeletal system were referred to magnetotherapy.

    Procedures with black sands and respiratory diseases helped. People with cerebral palsy, rickets, and various injuries directed treatment in Ureki. The greatest effect was observed in children, however, with all its healing properties, magnetotherapy has a number of contraindications. So, it is not recommended to lie on magnetic sand for people with the following diseases:

    • tuberculosis,
    • malignant tumors,
    • asthma,
    • blood problems.

    These diseases can progress when exposed to magnetite, so you need to be extremely careful. In the absence of such problems, bathing and relaxing in Ureki will not only be an excellent vacation option but will also help to improve your health. Eeffect of magnetite accelerates biological processes and regeneration of the body, and also strengthens the immune system. Now the healing beach, which was called “Magnetiti”, is available to everyone for free.

    Ureki owes its appearance on the beach to two local rivers that brought it from the mountains. Two more rivers on the outskirts of the village did not allow the useful mineral to spread along the entire Black Sea coast. Hundred-year-old processes of filling with black sand are noticeable only nearby Ureki, you cannot find them further. In August, you need to be careful with walking barefoot in the sand. The surface temperature reaches 50 degrees, so you can easily get burned. However, just such a temperature is useful when buried in sand, because the mineral, warming up to 40-45 degrees, gives the greatest effect. Depending on how hot the surface is, the “stickiness” of sand to the body and various objects also changes. Mobile phones and other similar devices should not be placed on open sand, because magnetite can damage the device.

    Another advantage of Magnetiti Beach is its warm and shallow sea. Wide sand spit off the coast made the entrance to the water very shallow, which means very warm. Therefore, Ureki beach is perfect for bathing children, parents will not have to worry. However, to swim for adults, you have to go far enough. The variety of entertainment Magnetiti is not inferior to Batumi: inflatable slides, zorb, scooters, bananas and more. In addition, there are a lot of unusual beautiful shells on the shore, so it will be interesting to delve into both adults and children.

    How to get there

    Getting to the black sands of Magnetiti is most convenient from the city of Batumi. You can get to Ureki by all kinds of transport going to Poti, Kutaisi or Tbilisi. After an hour of travel worth about 5 GEL, you will be in the center of the village. Here you need to find an unusual transport: without windows and doors. Which brings tourists to Magnetiti for only 50 tetri. Trips start at 8 a.m., and the last flight leaves at 23 p.m. If this transport is not available (although it runs every 15 minutes), then you can take a taxi for 5-7 GEL (convenient for a large company). Another way to get to the beach is by minibuses coming from the old Batumi station.

    For those tourists who travel by personal transport, the path will be simple: just see the sign “Ureki Magnetiti”. Landmark - a white arch, seeing it, you can be sure that you are in place. Fastest and most convenient way to get to the black beach is transfer.

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