Vardzia. Excursions to Georgia 2020

    The time of the reign of Queen Tamara historians consider a golden age of Georgia. Just in this historical period from about the end of the XII and XIII and the beginning of the century, it was the time not only of the genesis of the immortal poem of Shota Rustaveli "The Knight in the Panther's Skin", but also there were built many of the best architectural monuments of this amazingly beautiful country. Such as: Geguti Palace (near Kutaisi), Betania Monastery (built in honor of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin), monastery Kintsvisi (25 km from the town of Gori, Kareli district) and many other palaces and cathedrals. Among them the most outstanding monument of Georgian architecture can be called the cave monastery complex Vardzia that Aspindza district, in the valley of the Kura River.

    The first buildings of this amazing complex appeared during the reign of King George III, as well the final shape of the cave complex took shape during the reign of Queen Tamara.

    Modern monastery occupies an area of over 500 square meters and stretches along the steep walls of the mountains Erusheti, on the left bank of the Kura. At 12 tiers of monastic city carved about 600 underground rooms.

    It is a stone town with streets, squares, and 15 churches, which vaults preserve unique frescoes, most of which reach us not in its original form, but still have great historical value. From the best-preserved frescoes, note the resurrection of Lazarus and the entrance to Jerusalem. Despite the fact that the ancient architects Vardzija carved in the rock, the monastery was equipped with its own water supply and never needed fresh spring water, which fell into the monastery from the nearby mountains. But that's not all. Only the wine cellar of the medieval monastery could accommodate 28 pitchers, which totaled 90 thousand liters!

    Among the local attractions especially worth noting the temple built of hewn stone, which is decorated with mural paintings of Queen Tamara (one of the four murals of queen survived to this day). Tamara is shown next to his father George III and holding layout of the church, where she is.

    Эта особенность не случайный орнаментальный элемент, а закономерная деталь. Во времена жизни легендарной царицы монастырь Вардзия являлся любимой резиденцией правительницы Грузии. Лично ей в комплексе принадлежало 366 комнат, среди которых в целях безопасности была хитроумно укрыта опочивальня царицы. Уникальной также является и акустическая система зала приема послов.

    This feature is not occasional decorative element, and a regular item. In the days of the life of legendary Queen Vardzia monastery was the favorite residence of the ruler of Georgia. Personally, it belonged in the complex 366 rooms, among which for security reasons was cleverly nestled Queen bed-room. Unique is also the acoustic system of the hall for meetings with ambassadors.

    Nowadays the issue of introducing the cave city of Vardzia in the UNESCO World Heritage List is under discussion.

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