Bansko: tourists of "Mouzenidis Travel" are instructed by Olympic athletes

Bansko: Here, "Mouzenidis Travel" tourists are being supervised and consulted by Olympic athletes 

Each holiday season, "Mouzenidis Travel" develops interesting and attractive projects aimed to provide impeccable high-quality services at all stages of your travel. 

Our tourists in Bansko are being welcomed and helped by professionals. This popular resort can be easily reached by Mouzenidis Travel visitors, as convenient flights are available from Thessaloniki city (Greece). Mouzenidis Travel collaborates with family business TSAKIRIS Ski and Snowboard Rental which we proudly recommend. Managers of this shop are Atjanasios Tsakiris and his daughter Panagiota, both were members of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010 as part of the Greek national team. This is not merely a ski resort shop offering equipment and gear either for sale or rental, to skiers and snowboarders, but a team of consultants being under the control of experts who have rather Olympic approach to sports.

At present, the family actively and optimistically helps all visitors arriving at Bansko resort and certainly master the art of snow sports to all "Mouzenidis Travel" customers, thus maintaining our cooperation. 

The advantages of an exclusive co - operation 

  • Tourists are being subserved by ski and snowboard  highly skilled experts
  • Expert advice on the selection, purchase and maintenance of equipment. 
  • Fixed prices for athletic equipment irrespective of the period of the season (including Christmas and New Year).
  • Special bonuses for tourists of “Mouzenidis Travel" when renting ski equipment.

Do not miss the opportunity spending holidays on the comfortable snowy slopes and be advised by the Olympic team! 

Athletic Reference:

  • Athanasios Tsakiris has an extensive experience performing at the highest level by participating three times in the Olympics, during the 90s. 
  • Both father and daughter became champions of the Guinness World Records by performing at the Games, peculiar team of two athletes belonging to different generations. 
  • The family does not merely operate the shop; it also undertakes the training of visitors within Bansko resort. 
  • Panagiaota Tsakiri (the daughter) will be taking part in the Olympic Games Sochi 2014, representing Greece in biathlon.