Vacation on the island of Chios 2022

    Chios: the Greek Island with a Taste of Mastic

    Many fall in love with Chios at first sight, others admit it into their hearts gradually, storing amazingly beautiful landscapes, medieval villages, magnificent archaeological sites and stunning beaches in their memory.
    The island wildlife, the clean sea, hospitable locals, ready to treat you to their special mandarin jam, attract tourists from all over the world to Chios.

    Fragrant and hospitable all year long, together with the smaller islands, Oinousses and Psara, it is a kaleidoscope of images and experiences.

    The Origin of the Name

    There are several legends about the origin of the name of the island. One of the most realistic is the version of the historian Isidoros, who noted that the island was named by the Phoenicians and that the Syrian word "Chios" means "mastic" (mastiha - the famous product of Chios).


    Chios Mastic: the Landmark of the Island

    The island's history is reflected in the streets of Chora (the capital of the island), in beautiful mountainous and coastal villages, in the wild nature of the north part of the island, in the rich crops on the south, as well as in the famous mastic of Chios. Mastic (Mastiha) is a resin obtained from a mastic tree. In Greece, it is known as the "tears of Chios," being traditionally produced on this Greek island, and, like other natural resins, is produced in "tears" or droplets. In all the large stores and small shops in Greece, you can see a variety of products based on the mastic: the natural chewing gum Mastiha Chiou, cosmetics with mastic, confectionery, etc.