Crete-Rethymnon. Recreation and tours 2022

    Rethymno- the crossroads of civilizations

    Between Lefka Ori (White Mountains) and Psiloriti lies Rethymno Region – the synonym for incomparable beauty of rocky landscapes, beautiful beaches, the music of Cretan lyre, legendary caves, historic monasteries, traditional villages and luxury resorts.


    Although it is the third largest town on Crete, Rethimno never feels like a city as Chania and Heraklion do. On the opposite, it has a provincial air. It's a place that preserves much of its Venetian and Turkish appearance.

    Rethymno Festivals

    The program of the Cretan Diet Festival (Wine Festval) consists of many events, such as art exhibitions, traditional and modern music by local performers, educational and entertaining activities for children and wine and food tasting.
    Rethymnon Renaissance Festival aims at becoming a centre for the revitalization and support of cross cultural exchange among people, as well as between Science and Art in the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Europe.