Information about your cruise



Passports and visas

The travelers entering Greece must possess a valid passport. Citizens of certain countries may need to have a multiple Schengen visa. More detailed information on the visa requirements is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece Citizens of certain countries may need to have pre-obtained visas for visiting Egypt and Israel. A passenger must make sure before boarding the ship that all the document requirements have been complied with.

During the cruise, the passports will be kept at the Purser’s department for taking care of the passport-control formalities when entering foreign ports. The passports should be taken back upon the completion of the cruise.


We highly recommend that you sign an insurance contract for the duration of the trip. The responsibility of the cruise company for the loss, damage or incomplete delivery of luggage personal items is very limited. When signing the cruise contract, a passenger accepts all the conditions and provisions mentioned therein.

Personal means and expenses

The currency accepted on board is Euro. For convenience and security purposes, the cruise company recommends the passengers to have Travelers’ Checks. All the expenses, which may be incurred on board the ship, including excursions on the shore, tips, purchases at the gift shop, bills for wine and drinks at the bar, Spa treatment, services at the beauty parlor and the photo studio, excluding the casino are added to your general on-board bill.

All the main credit cards are accepted; passengers can also pay in cash and with the Travelers’ and Eurocheque checks. Personal checks are not accepted.

Excursions on shore

We have developed a diverse excursion program, which will help you to have an interesting time during the stays at different ports. Excursions can be reserved in advance at your tourist agent, or directly on board the ship (their cost is added to your on-board bill).

Please also note that, when visiting museums or archaeological zones, video camera shooting is in some cases paid for additionally.

Memorable dates

If during the cruise you celebrate your birthday, anniversary or honeymoon – please inform our passenger service department in advance (at least two weeks before departure) so that we could assist you in celebrating your memorable event.

Smoking on board

Passengers are requested to respect and comply with the rules of conduct on board. There are special sectors for the smokers in the places of common use. Smoking is prohibited in the places where people eat, including the restaurant. Smoking cigars and pipes is prohibited in all the closed areas of the ship including the cabins. There are no cabins for smokers on the ship.


For reasons of hygiene, pets are not allowed on board the ship.

Special care and diets

Our passenger service department will inform the crew of the ship of any special diets (vegetarian, low-salt or fat-free) if you request it in writing at least two weeks before the start of the cruise. But the full responsibility for the compliance with the diet and, consequently, for the health of the passenger is borne by the persons accompanying such passenger..


One of the tasks of our highly qualified staff is to do everything possible for you to enjoy comfort and pleasure all during your trip. It depends on a lot of components, including on your familiarity with certain rules. You often ask about the size of the tips. The commonly accepted sum of tips per day constitutes EUR 8 (USD 9) for the passengers above 16 years of age, and EUR 4 (USD 5) for the children between 6 and 16 years of age. For your convenience, the tips are added to your board bill.


During the day, the weather is usually warm, while towards the evening it gets colder.

We recommend that you bring along comfortable walking shoes for excursions and walks on shore; when visiting religious places shorts and clothes without sleeves are not allowed.

On board the ship you will need light summer clothes. Do not forget sunglasses, swimming suits and hats, which you will not be able to do without while on deck. However, wearing swimming suits to the places of common use is not acceptable. In case of rain, bring along a light waterproof coat or an umbrella.

In the evening after 18:00 the passengers are request to adhere to the usual style of dress. Our recommendations: for men and women, the everyday clothes of the sports type would be the most convenient. For special occasions, men would need suits and ties, and women – evening dresses or costumes with trousers. .


Do not put your passport and other documents in the luggage you are planning to check in since you will need them at the port and when boarding the ship. Put them in your purse together with the medicines and jewelry, and during the trip always carry it with you


Boarding the cruise ship is performed from the passenger terminal of the port of Piraeus at the time mentioned below. Passengers coming on their own should allow one hour for getting to the port from the center of Athens, or two hours – from the airport.

During the boarding, all the pieces of luggage including carry-on items and the purse undergo security control. A tag with the name of the passenger and the number of the cabin will be attached to all the pieces of luggage. Representatives of our company will be present at the passenger terminal in order to assist the arriving passengers with the boarding process. You are requested to hold in your hands your passport/ID and the ticket/voucher. For security reasons, only passengers are allowed on board the ship.

Boarding time:

3- and 4-day cruises: from 9:00 to 10:30
7-day cruise: from 15:30 to 16:30



Your luggage will be brought by the luggage carriers on board the ship and placed in your cabin (please note that the delivery may take up to 1-2 hours). If you do not receive your luggage within this timeframe, or your cabin number is not indicated on the luggage, please address the reception.

Meals on board

Please apply to the headwaiter after boarding to reserve a table or to confirm the reservation you may have made in advance. Breakfast and lunch are served at free tables both inside the restaurant as well as on the deck (next to the pool). Dinner is served to the reserved tables. The guests are requested to come to the restaurant on time (in accordance with the daily program). No swimming suits or clothes without sleeves are allowed at the restaurant. Smoking is not allowed either.

Fitness center and sauna

Visiting these facilities is free. Passengers use them on their own responsibility.

SERVICES ON BOARD THE SHIP /shipboard services/

Daily program

Very evening, a program of events for the following day will be delivered to your cabin. The program will include the time of arrival and departure, starting time of the excursions on shore, time of lunch, list of services offered on board, recommended dress code, activities and entertainments on board while the ship is at sea, and other useful information. Please study it carefully and keep it handy.


The accounting department has safes for the storage of jewelry, money, documents, etc. This service costs a small sum of money, which is added to your board bill. The company does not bear responsibility for any objects of value not places in the safe. The responsibility of the company for the objects placed in the safe is limited by the relevant provisions of the cruise contract.

Air conditioning

The cruise ship is fully air conditioned, with remote controls placed in every cabin.

Boutique store, cosmetic parlor, Spa and laundry

All the above-mentioned services are available on board at reasonable prices. The cost of the utilized services is added to the board bill.

For the avoidance of confusion, it is recommended that the passengers agree in advance (immediately after boarding) on the starting time of the procedures at the cosmetic parlor and the Spa-center.


There is a casino on board, which is open only when the ship is at sea. Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed to play. The casino services are not included in your board bill.

Connection board-shore

Passengers can call the mainland directly from the phones in the cabins, or using the satellite phones on board. The cost of telephone calls is included in your board bill.


220 V / 110 V 60 Hertz
110 V – 60 Hertz
Before using hairdryers and chargers, please consult the reception.

Medical services

Every cruise is accompanied by a qualified doctor. His reception hours are also mentioned in the program. In cases of emergency, the doctor is available 24 hours a day. The cost of medical services is determined based on the existing standard fees and is added to your board bill.


The ship’s photographer will always be present at public entertainment events and at excursions on shore ready to put on film special moments of your cruise. The photos mode can be viewed at no charge; the photos purchased will be added to your board bill.

Bon appetite! Kali oreksi!

The meal has always been an enjoyable event and a great pleasure for Greeks. On board our cruise ships, a team of chefs – experts in international cuisine will make sure to surprise you every day with their unforgettable culinary masterpieces.

In the course of every season, people of more than 100 nationalities become our guests, and so we have developed a menu, which is to the liking of even the most demanding and hard-to-satisfy gourmets.

A waiter will help you to choose wine from the list of wines of different countries, including Greece, France and Italy, after which our highly-trained stewards will offer for your attention the best dishes of the international and Greek cuisine and will service you in the best possible way.

Your waiter will soon learn your preferences and will start recommending you appropriate dishes from the daily menu.


It is quite possible that during the cruise you may decide to relax and to take sun baths, or to engage in active pastime. Your daily program will offer you a variety of choices and you will be able to decide whether to read an interesting book in the library, or to try to win a prize in one of the games. Or, maybe, to learn new dances or to join a fitness class – you just have to make your choice!

Our ship has active night life. Start your evening with your favorite drink at one of the bars or on the deck, and after a pleasant dinner visit the everyday captivating show. You will be able to dance to the music of our orchestra and then, maybe, you will go to the casino or to the disco where you will be able to dance till morning.