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Sea Cruises


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A cruise is the most exquisite and unusual way of recreation, which combines the romance of a sea journey with the comfort of a hotel. You receive the opportunity to visit several islands and several countries on one journey while avoiding tiresome trips.

A cruise is an unforgettable travel to the warmest and the most picturesque corners of our planet. A sea journey will provide you with the pleasure of immaculate comfort, pleasant meetings, the romance of an evening walk on the deck of a luxurious ship, and remarkable landscapes.

The Mediterranean has always been famous not only for its picturesque landscapes but also for its mild climate. The Greek islands have become so popular not only because of its clean sea and golden beaches. Here, at almost every step, one can come across ancient temples, Roman buildings, Christian basilicas, Byzantine churches, Venetian fortresses and Turkish mosques. And all this - against the background of the beauties of nature: valleys with the plantations of citric fruits, pastures on green hills, magnificent mountain peaks, steep rocks, luxurious beaches and cozy bays.   


The cruise programs, which we offer, differ by the contents and duration.

Each stopover is interesting and remarkable in its own way: the fascinating Attica, antique Crete, Catholic Santorini, medieval Rhodes, peaceful Patmos, exciting Mykonos (the island of windmills), the treasures of the ancient times, Ephesus – the city of Greeko-Roman times in Kousadasi.

The route “3 Continents – 5 Countries” will take you back t the past by giving you the opportunity to visit the only surviving wonder of the ancient world – the Pyramids. You will follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, and will visit Limasol, which according to legend is the birthplace of Aphrodite.


The cruises are organized by the company Louis Cruises, one of the largest Greek sea companies.

The cruises are conducted on board comfortable ships equipped in accordance with the latest technical standards and having all the facilities necessary for perfect recreation.

The guests will have at their disposal luxurious restaurants, casinos, shops, beauty parlors, pools, saunas, gyms – everything that a hotel of the highest category would offer. On board the cruise ship, various entertainment events are organized every evening: concerts, discos etc.

Cruises represent a snow-whit ship, endless mirror of water, excellent service and unforgettable impressions!