Terms & Conditions

Booking procedures: Detailed information on the booking procedures is contained in the terms and conditions presented on the cruise ticked available at the central office.


Not later than 14 days after the booking of the cabin, an advance payment in an amount of 25% of the cost of the cruise shall be received in the bank account of the company. Until the advance payment is made, the booking cannot be considered confirmed. Not later than 60 days before the date of departure, you shall make the full payment for the cruise so that the booking was considered completely confirmed.

Conditions for excursions on shore

All the excursions, tours and other events on shore shall be organized by the staff of the company and conducted with its participation. The organization of own excursions, tours and events by private persons or groups of persons is against the policy of the company.

Cancellation of cruise or change of route

The cruise company reserves the right to cancel any cruise without prior notification, in which case the cost of the cruise will be returned in full. The company also reserves the right to change the route of any cruise or to replace one ship with another of the same class if for some reason it becomes necessary or desirable. In this case no compensation is due to the passengers (with the exception for the cases when the class of the cabin is lower than the booked one).

Requirements for the passengers having health problems

Passengers having health problems (for example, if special treatment is needed and/or if there is a need to constantly take medicines) must consult their physician before the trip and make sure that they have brought along enough medicines and have all the necessary prescriptions. The company shall be informed of the persons with limited physical capacities or requiring special care or treatment at the booking stage. The company reserves the right to deny boarding to any such person with physical or mental problems if s/he may present danger for themselves or the other passengers.


Women with the term of pregnancy of six or more months are not accepted for the cruise for the reasons of their own safety and health preservation. With the term of pregnancy of up to 5 months, women may take part in the cruise provided that they have a certification from their doctor that there are no contraindications connected with the trip. As far as children are concerned, children of 3 months of age and more can be taken along on the cruise. There are baby cots on board. The cruise company does not provide baby food. Nursing services are also not envisaged.

Trip cancellations and refunds

  The company shall be notified of the cancellation of an individual tourist not less than 60 days before the date of departure; in which case the advance payment is repaid. If the company is notified 59 days and less before the date of departure, the following penalties are in place:

59-31 days: 25% of the cost of the ticket is not refunded;
30-15 days: 50% of the cost of the ticket is not refunded;
14-7 days: 75% of the cost of the ticket is not refunded;
Less than 7 days: no refund.

There are special conditions for group cancellations. In all cases, all the expenses incurred by the company, including fines and penalties, will be deducted from the refund. Refund claims must be received in writing not later than 60 days after the date of departure. Refunds can be received only at a ticket office or from a tour agent.

Material liability and insurance

Transportation of passengers, luggage and personal property falls under the conditions and provisions of the cruise contract. The liability of the company as the lessee of cruise ships in terms of loss, damage or non-delivery of luggage is very limited. When signing the cruise contract, the passenger agrees to all the conditions and provisions contained therein. We recommend that the passengers should examine the possibility of insuring their luggage, and also insurance in case of cancellation or breaking the contract. Please consult your tour agent on these matters.


The ships bear the flag of the European Union and abide by all the sea rules in force.