Free trip to Enigma Mall

Free trip to ENIGMA MALL for the guests of Chalkidiki resorts.

The new shopping center ENIGMA MALL located at the Nea Moudania 55 km from Thessaloniki airport. Its main goal is to effectively satisfy the needs of tourists who have a rest on Chalkidiki.

The ENIGMA MALL is the place that Greece is famous for:

  • 16 fur boutiques
  • 3 jewelry stores
  • 4 clothing and shoes shops
  • 2 perfume and cosmetics shops
  • 1 optics store
  • 1 store with linens and accessories for the house
  • 1 children's clothing store
  • 1 toy store
  • 1 suitcase and travel bags store
  • 1 leather clothing store
  • 1 store of fur accessories
  • 1 Christian store (icons and products of the Holy Mountain)
  • 1 souvenir shop
  • 1 store with Greek traditional products
  • 1 wine store
  • 1 restaurant - cafe
  • 1 currency exchange office;

And also on an open area there are a park for rest, a children's playground (Grecoleto) and a private parking place.

Every tourist who rests on the peninsula of Chalkidiki in the summer season of 2017 can take advantage of a free trip to the ENIGMA MALL.

These trips are organized daily, in the morning and in the evening, from the hotels of Halkidiki Peninsula.