Euboea | Evia. Recreation and tours 2022

    Evia: the Year Round Destination

    Evia (Euboea) is the second- largest Greek island in area (3580 square meters) and population after Crete and the third largest after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. The narrow Euripus Strait separates it from the mainland of Greece.


    Chalkida - the largest city of the island and its capital is situated in the center of Evia and is connected to the mainland of Greece by two bridges: the old one and the new one. From the old bridge, you can observe a unique phenomenon, the mystery of which the famous Aristotle tried to solve: the high and low tides alternate, forming a "standing wave”. The new bridge is one of the largest suspension bridges in Europe.

    Year Round Destination

    The island of Evia is an ideal holiday destination all year round. Tourists are attracted by the amazing scenery of wild natural beauty, various historical monuments, religious shrines and wonderful museums. Pine forests and olive groves, waterfalls and springs, beautiful sandy beaches with numerous coves and turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, mountains, fertile plains and gorges comprise the beauty of Evia.

    Nothern Evia- the Natural Treasure in the Center of Greece

    Northern Evia is a combination of mountains, the clear blue sea, lush plains, canyons, waterfalls and trim beaches, which stretch along the coast of the Northern Evia Gulf and the Aegean Sea.

    Not much affected by mass tourism, the Northern Evia represents the region, ideal for quiet holidays and fascinating excursions.