Euboea | Evia. Recreation and tours 2022

    Euboea (Evvia) is the second largest Greek island after Crete and third in Eastern Mediterranean – after Cyprus. Euboea’s land area spreads over 3580 km2 and its coastline reaches 680 km long!

    The Euripus bay separates the island from mainland Greece. Its capital – Chalkida which is connected with the mainland by two road bridges – old and new one is situated in the central part of Euboea.  As you arrive on the old bridge you will admire a unique phenomenon which secret tried to guess even Aristotle.  Strong tidal currents here reverse direction approximately four times a day. As for a new one it’s the biggest cable-suspended bridge in Europe.

    Euboea is divided in three geographic regions – north, central and south. The most important municipality centers are Aidipsos which is famous for its thermal sources, Aliveri, Amarynthos, Artaki, Vasiliko, Eretria (Euboea’s port), Istiaia, Kymi and Limni. The main mountains include Dirfi, Kandili and Ochi.  Euboea is a perfect place for holiday which will satisfy any demand.   

    Euboea is excellent destination for vocations all year round. Tourists are attracted by glorious landscapes of wild nature, historical heritage, sacred religious places and outstanding museums.  Pine forests and olive gardens, waterfalls and springs, beautiful sandy beaches with numerous bays and turquoise waters of Aegean sea, mountain ranges and rich plains, canyons – Euboea’s  charm has no limits.

    Euboea’s Hotels

    Any traveler will find here perfect place to stay. Whether you are looking for a luxurious rest or want to feel in touch with nature you will be satisfied by your stay. Euboea disposes major hotel chains providing a large amount of diverse services as well as small apartments.    

    One of the most famous hotels of the island is Thermae Sylla Spa, built in 1897. At different times among its visitors were Aristotle Onassis, Maria Callas, Winston Churchill, Greta Garbo, Omar Sharif and other celebrities from all over the world. Today this luxurious hotel is one of the best SPA resorts in the world; its thermal springs are included in world top-10.

    North Euboea, Treasure of Nature in the Center of Greece 

    North Euboea is a combination of mountains, sea and picturesque nature. Clear blue waters, perfect beaches, mountain chains, waterfalls, green plants and wonderful climate create unique atmosphere and pacify mind. 

    This no crowded region is perfect place to fell tranquility and to have a real rest in combination with interesting excursions. North Euboea is notable for its great history and traces of ancient civilizations. You will find here countless archeological sites and Hellenic monuments in Aidipsos, Istiaia, Orei, Limni, Artemiso, Istiaia, Rovies etc.

    Ιn the eastern part of North Euboea are situated famous  thermal sources where you can heal and relax during your vacation. The oldest one is Strabon, well-known from Aristotle’s times it has 20.000 years of history and stays today one of the most outstanding wellness resorts in Greece.

    Central Euboea

    In Central Euboea you will find perfect opportunities for rest as well as for travelling. Avlida is the closest region to Athens, it’s widely known due to its capital Vathy, picturesque village Kalochori-Panteichi and splendid beaches – Avlida and Phoros.  

    This part of Euboea has a bright clubs, bars and nightlife, along with large variety of hotels and traditional taverns. Avlida is perfect place for viticulture, its markets and shops offer a great choice of diverse local wines. 

    Not far from Chalkida is situated municipality of Anthedon famous for its beautiful beaches, deep crystal sea, traditional ouzeri. This place became very popular among visitors who find here pleasant stay and fully enjoy their vacation.  

    Those who love wild nature will discover with great pleasure the regions of Messaria and Dirfis. From the earliest times this land has been respected as a sacred place of Hera. Mountain villages, charming quiet bays, pine forests, olive gardens, chestnut and platan trees create a unique ecosystem.

    Avlida’s Sights

    Temple of Artemis.  The sanctuary of goddess of the hunt, daughter of Zeus and Leto, was built in the 5th century BC. Today we can admire the sacred fountain and other buildings added during the Hellenistic period, as well as baths complex of the late Roman era.

    Megalo Vathi Bay is an important historical place where the Greek troupes departed to the war with Trojans.

    Anfidon’s Sights

    Tomb of  Salguenei, navigator of Persian’s  navy,  who was executed in 480 B.C. by his own army accusing him of lying. 

     In Lukission Beach are situated important harbor constrictions dated to Hellenic and early Byzantine periods.  

    In St. George chapel, located between villages Drosia and Lukission, were found marvelous wall paintings of 14-17 centuries BC.   

    Messari’s Sights 

    Folk museum of Psachon;

    Historical military museum of Anastasis Liaskos  in Kododespoti;

    Psachon Castle where Venetian tower and traces of ancient settlements are situated;

    Venetian tower of Triada;

    Venetian tower of Polyticon;

    General Kriezoti’s house in Triada where was found ancient early Christian basilica;


    Dirfis’s Sights 

    Erion Monastery with fabulous picturesque stream; 

    Venetian tower of Skuderi and old town;

    Agia Kiriaki, cave’s chapel in Kambia;

    Canyon Agalis;

    Voidokleftra Cave with remains of prehistoric settlement;

    Venetian Pisson tower;

    Ancient monastery Panagias Chiliadous.

    Euboea’s beaches

    Euboea’s beautiful 700 km of coastline with 60 clean sandy beaches perfectly suitable for wonderful swimming and sunbathing, solitary quite bays and blue crystal waters is well-known in Greece and Europe.   

    Αnfidon region is famous for its fabulous beaches, particularly Agios Minas with picturesque traditional taverns and  charming sea-front, as well as Valopoula, Bournonda, Panagica and Gaydaro Beaches.    

    Louksion coastline and Skorponeri bay are very popular among the tourists too.    

    From Nea Artaki region, northwards of capital Chalkida, you can easily get to Mesaplia, North Euboea or splendid Dirfi where you will find several marvelous Eastern beaches.   
    Those who love taking a walk and admiring the picturesque beauty of mountains ranges will appreciate perfect tourist routes and fabulous landscapes. And sea-lovers will adore popular Hiliadou and Metochi beaches with their crystal blue waters.