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    Nea Kallikratia - a resort on the west coast of the peninsula of Halkidiki, located between the city of Thessaloniki and Kassandra. If you want to relax far from Thessaloniki, but with the possibility to attend all three "fingers" of Halkidiki, it’s the best choice. Nea Kallikratia is situated only 30 km from the Airport Macedonia (airport of Thessaloniki), so the transfer won’t be tedious.

    Excellent tourist infrastructure combined with rich nature, perfectly clean sandy coasts and exclusive environment is always offered for guests of the peninsula. Nea Kallikratia is all that only can be required during the summer holidays.


    In Nea Kallikratia has a Mediterranean climate, which is a pleasant for a summer holiday 8 months of the year. Here is a long swimming season (sea warms to a comfortable temperature in the first week of May) and the short but wet winters. “Velvet” season (off-peak season) in the resort, as well as throughout Greece is all of September and half of October.


    The resort has a well-developed network of hotels, campsites, apartments for rent, so you can choose a place for rest according to your preferences and on a pocket.

    Kallikratia has many different restaurants, nightclubs, amusement parks, cinemas, shops and boutiques. Also, the city has one of the best rehabilitation medical centers of Greece - "Evexia".

    On western slopes of the hill of Nea Kallikratia the remains of the ancient settlement of the V century BC were found. Scientists believe that the settlement was destroyed by the king of Macedonia, Philip II, during his conquest of the peninsula. On the east side of the town burials were found, dating back to the late Roman era.

    Also in Nea Kallikratia it was found the famous gravestone stele "Kora Kallikratia" - a girl with a dove in his hands. Today a copy of the statue is standing in the main square of the town, and the original is kept in the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.

    Above the shore of the village you can find a pine hill with stunning views over the promenade and sea space

    In the neighborhoods of Nea Kallikratia there are several small, but very beautiful and picturesque villages which will be very interesting to visit during the holidays: Nea Silata, Rodokipos, Nea Gonia, Verya.

    Some tourists come to the Nea Kallikratia on purpose to look at the Cave of Petralona, also known as "Red rocks". This is artificially created 100-meter-long tunnel, on the site of the old entrance to the cave. Across the cave are set showcases with artifacts found here during excavations in 1959. Here, the remains of ancient man in Europe have been found, which are about 700 thousand years old.