Vacation into Igoumenitsa. Tours to Igoumenitsa

    Igoumenitsa: the beautiful haven

    Igoumenitsa, a seaside town, is the capital of Thesprotia Region and one of the most significant ports of Greece. It connects the mainland of Greece with several destinations in Italy (Brindisi, Bari, Ancona, Venice, Trieste), with Avlona in Albania, and with the Greek islands of Corfu and Paxi.


    Exploring Igoumenitsa

    Igoumenitsa is a pleasant town for walking and exploring due to cozy winding streets, where you can feel the flavor of Greece. Be sure to see a ruined medieval tower and some pretty churches. Just out of Igoumenitsa there are some nice beaches hidden from the tourist trail. The area is also ideal for mountaineering.