Янина (Иоаннина)


Yannena (Ioannina). Recreation and tours 2022

    Ioannina: the Heart of Epirus

    Ioannina is the capital of the region of Epirus, the city that harmoniously combines all the advantages of the province (purity, peace, clean air, beautiful nature, good-natured locals and natural products) with those of the capital (infrastructure, large variety of entertainments, lively streets, convenient shopping). Ioannina is a city of students.

    Ioannina is the city of Ali Pasha and Kira Frosini (his great love), the place where Christians, Jews and Muslims shared their knowledge and culture.

    Local cuisine

    Ioannina cuisine uses a lot of herbs and spices in combination with quality basic ingredients. The hallmarks of the Ioannina cuisine are eels, trout and frog's legs from the lake.

    The traditional Ioannina desserts are famous throughout Greece: the famous ‘sker bourek’, or ‘sugar pie’, delicious baklava and syrup pastries. As for the drinks, Ioannina boasts an alcohol free liqueur (based on organic vinegar, nectar, herbs and fruit syrups) and sherbets.