Rebooking June 2020 to July 2020

For the below list of hotels, it is allowed rebooking June 2020 dates on similar dates in July 2020 with difference of 1 or 2 days of check-in, while maintaining the same cost, provided that the tour parameters remain the same.

Region Hotel Category
  Bomo Palace Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Bomo Calamos Beach 3 stars (B)
  Bomo Julia Hotel 3 stars (B)
  Bomo Olympic Kosmas 3 stars (B)
  Forest Park Hotel 3 stars (B)
  Bomo Villas Kosmas Villa
  Brothers House Apartments
  Tropical Hotel 4 stars
  Ellin Camp Skouras Childrens Camp
  Bomo Bellagio Hotel 3 stars (B)
  Panorama Apartments Apartments
  Bomo Aristoteles Holiday Resort & SPA 4 stars (A)
  Bomo Assa Maris Beach 4 stars (A)
  Messonghi Beach Resort 3 stars (B)
  Bomo Magna Graecia Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Bomo Club Lyda Hotel 3 stars (B)
  Klio Apart Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Triton Hotel 2+ stars (C Sup)
  Fotula Apartments Apartments
  Elia Hotel Apartments Aparthotel 2 stars
  Michele Marie Apartment Hotel Apartments
  Triton Malia Hotel 3 stars (B)
  Nikos Hotel 2 stars (C)
  Malia Central Apartments 3 stars (B)
  Anemi Studios & Apartments Apartments
  Antinoos Hotel 2 stars (C)
  Bomo Chrysalis Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Bomo Santa Marina Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Zantina Hotel 2 stars (C)
  Bomo Krini Beach 3+ stars (B Sup)
  Bomo Amnissos Residence 3 stars (B)
  Edem Beach Hotel 2 stars (C)
  Talea Beach Hotel 3 stars (B)
  Bomo Rethymno Beach 4+ stars (A Sup)
  Bali Dorian Apartments Apartments
  Bomo Palmariva Beach 4+ stars (A Sup)
  Bomo Tosca Beach 4+ stars (A Sup)
  Bomo Kalogria 4+ stars
  Bomo Olympus Grand Resort 4+ stars (A Sup)
  Bomo Dafni Plus Hotel 3 stars (B)
  Bomo Litohoro Olympus Resort Villas & Spa 4+ stars (A Sup)
  Platon Beach Hotel 2 stars (C)
  Bomo Zante Plaza Hotel & Apartments 3 stars (B)
  Matilda Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Locanda Beach Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Zante Royal Resort and Water Park 4 stars (A)
  Zante Yliessa Hotel Apartments
  Palazzo Di Zante Hotel & Water Park 4 stars (A)
  Piccadilly Apartments Apartments
  Denise Beach Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Asterias by Zante Plaza Apartments
  Timotheos Studios Apartments
  Anastasia Beach Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Blue Waves Hotel Aparthotel 2 stars