Rebooking June 2020 to September 2020

For the below list of hotels, it is allowed rebooking June 2020 dates on September 2020 with no extra charges, provided that the tour parameters remain the same, as follows:

  • Reservations with check-in June 1st to June 15th 2020, can be transferred to period from September 16th to September 30th 2020.
  • Reservations with check in June 16th to June 30th 2020 can be transferred to period from September 1st to September 15th 2020.

Region Hotel Category
  Bomo Palace Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Bomo Calamos Beach 3 stars (B)
  Bomo Julia Hotel 3 stars (B)
  Bomo Olympic Kosmas 3 stars (B)
  Forest Park Hotel 3 stars (B)
  Bomo Villas Kosmas Villa
  Brothers House Apartments
  Tropical Hotel 4 stars
  Ellin Camp Skouras Childrens Camp
  Bomo Bellagio Hotel 3 stars (B)
  Panorama Apartments Apartments
  Bomo Aristoteles Holiday Resort & SPA 4 stars (A)
  Bomo Assa Maris Beach 4 stars (A)
  Messonghi Beach Resort 3 stars (B)
  Bomo Magna Graecia Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Bomo Club Lyda Hotel 3 stars (B)
  Klio Apart Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Triton Hotel 2+ stars (C Sup)
  Fotula Apartments Apartments
  Elia Hotel Apartments Aparthotel 2 stars
  Michele Marie Apartment Hotel Apartments
  Triton Malia Hotel 3 stars (B)
  Nikos Hotel 2 stars (C)
  Malia Central Apartments 3 stars (B)
  Anemi Studios & Apartments Apartments
  Antinoos Hotel 2 stars (C)
  Bomo Chrysalis Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Bomo Santa Marina Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Zantina Hotel 2 stars (C)
  Bomo Krini Beach 3+ stars (B Sup)
  Bomo Amnissos Residence 3 stars (B)
  Edem Beach Hotel 2 stars (C)
  Talea Beach Hotel 3 stars (B)
  Bomo Rethymno Beach 4+ stars (A Sup)
  Bali Dorian Apartments Apartments
  Bomo Palmariva Beach 4+ stars (A Sup)
  Bomo Tosca Beach 4+ stars (A Sup)
  Bomo Kalogria 4+ stars
  Bomo Olympus Grand Resort 4+ stars (A Sup)
  Bomo Dafni Plus Hotel 3 stars (B)
  Bomo Zante Plaza Hotel & Apartments 3 stars (B)
  Matilda Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Locanda Beach Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Zante Royal Resort and Water Park 4 stars (A)
  Zante Yliessa Hotel Apartments
  Palazzo Di Zante Hotel & Water Park 4 stars (A)
  Piccadilly Apartments Apartments
  Denise Beach Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Asterias by Zante Plaza Apartments
  Timotheos Studios Apartments
  Anastasia Beach Hotel 4 stars (A)
  Blue Waves Hotel Aparthotel 2 stars