Pella. Recreation and tours 2022

    Pella: Home to Alexander the Great

    Pella is a place, where the glorious kingdom of Ancient Macedonia flourished and where Alexander the Great was born. Modern Pella is a village in Pella Region with the capital in Giannitsa. Other places of interest in the region are Edessa with spectacular waterfalls, Aridaia with stunning scenery and thermal springs and Kaimaktsalan with a modern ski resort. 

    Local cuisine

    Treat yourself to the dishes of the local cuisine cooked according to age-old recipes, which you won’t meet anywhere else in Greece. Try meat dishes such as tsombeki, kleftiko, stamnato and dzibres, fish dishes such as gulianos(catfish), grivadi(carp), pestrofes(trout) and the traditional cheesebatsos.