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    Fokida: the Navel of Greece

    Fokida (Phocis) is a geographical area of Central Greece and one of its seven prefectures. In the south, the region is washed by the Gulf of Corinth. It stretches from the western mountainsides of Parnassus on the east to the mountain range of Vardousia on the west, upon the Gulf of Corinth. The capital of Fokida is the city of Amfissa. Other major cities of Phocis are Itea, Delphi, Desfina and Galaxidi.

    A Bit of History

    According to Greek mythology and the dominant scientific version, Phocis got its name from Fokos, the son of Ornitiona, the leader of the Corinthians, who conquered the area. In ancient times Phocis was the centre of Phocian Union, which consisted of 22 cities, the head of each of them was the leader – Archon. 

    Local Cuisine

    The taverns of Fokida represent a real gastronomic paradise and are famous for their spit-roasted lamb, kondosufli (grilled meat on small wooden sticks), kokoretsi (grilled guts), cheese pies, pumpkin pies, seafood snacks with ouzo, Amfissa famous olives, feta cheese and yogurt made from sheep milk.  In the region buy some local wine, tsipouro, thyme and fir honey, almonds, nuts, trahanas (pasta) and noodles.


    Fokida, situated far from modern cultural centers, zealously supports old and authentic traditions. It lives a rich and diverse cultural life: concerts, exhibitions, conferences, theatrical performances in the ancient stadium of Delphi, traditional Apokries (Greek carnival) events in Amfissa, festivals "Alevromundzuro" (flour sprinkling) in Galaxidi and "Koulouma" (kite flying) in Itea on Clean Monday.