Vacation on the island of Poros 2022

    Poros:the meeting spot of famous lovers

    "Poros has something of Venice: channels, the connection between the houses by boats, luxury, indolence, sensual temptation ... It's - a meeting place of famous lovers ..." – so the famous Greek poet described the island.

     Two-sided island

    Poros - a small island in the Saronic group of islands, located 32 km south of Piraeus. It is separated by a narrow strait from the Greek mainland (Argolis). Poros (meaning “ford”) is considered an island purely geographically, as it is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. The coastline stretches for 42 km. The island counts over 4,000 inhabitants. The island itself is divided into two islands by a canal. In the smaller island, Sphairia, which is the rock of volcanic origin, lies the capital of the island, Poros Town. The bigger part, Kalavria, covered with dense vegetation, has many natural springs and the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon.

    Romantic spot

    Poros is an island of tranquility, romance and pleasure, covered with pine trees and endless lemon groves that reach the most secluded beaches and sandy coasts. The landmark of the island - its windmills, which energy has been used by the inhabitants of the island since ancient times. 

    Yachting Spot

    The beautiful natural landscape with pine-covered hills, a well-developed infrastructure for water sports and a profitable geographical position of the island make it a particularly attractive destination for holidays or weekend getaways. Many sailing centers are based on the island. The island hosts the International exhibition «Charter Yacht Show - Poros» every year, which attracts owners of luxury beauties from all over Europe.

    How to get there

    You can get to the island by ferries or “flying dolphins” from the port of Piraeus in 2,5 hours or in an hour respectively.