Bansko Safety Rules

Bansko Safety Regulations

Rule 1- Before starting holidays make sure that your health insurance has been taken out. In any case do not simply hope to be the lucky one. In the mountains, there may be different contingencies.


Rule 2- Always select a track category according to your skills. If beginner, do not rush to choose challenging tracks for professionals.


Rule 3 - Pay attention to the slope appearance: avalanches on the mountains have not been forbidden. The probability of their descent can be prevented, to one extent, visually. Evidence of regular avalanches of wet snow is typical of trees that are composed of stones, turf, parts of trees, grass.


Rule 4 - Always remember that you are not the only one skiing. Behave so as not to endanger other travelers. Try to keep your distance, collision or fall may not only damage the outfit itself but also cause an injury both to yourself and others.


Rule 5 - Control your speed while descending. Focus on the characteristics of the slope, weather conditions and the presence of obstacles: your descent should not be a danger to others on the slope. Collisions often occur because skiers or snowboarders descend too quickly without noticing the others.


Rule 6 - In no case, do approach the mountainside in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic substances.


Rule 7 - In case of a fall, try not to interfere with other skiers.


Rule 8 - Climbing up the track without using ski lift is allowed, yet, the right edge of the slope must be used. For it, interfering with the descending skiers and snowboarders will be prevented.


Rule 9 - In case of intersection of the slope, ensure that no one descends on skis or snowboard.


Rule 10- Do not stay on the narrow track parts and segments, which are poorly supervised, skiers coming down the bends and hills do not have panoramic observation.