Rent a Car

Rent a Car


Very often, during the vacation, one gets a desire to take a look at the surroundings on his own, to make a trip across the country or to visit the sights. The question is: what is the best way to do it? The answer is simple: rent a car!

Our company cooperates with the leading car renting agents and is always prepared to help you on this issue.

We offer cars of any class, category and capacity, starting with the simplest cars and all the way to the cars of executive class. If needed, we could offer a car with a driver. And if you have a large family, or are travelling in a large company of friends – then the best option is to rent a car of the MINIVAN category.
In order to rent a car – all you need to do is to apply to a representative of our company.

Required Documents

A driver’s license of the international type (European Union) and a passport for travelling abroad.

Getting the Car

There is a number of convenient ways of getting your rented car: at an airport, at a train station or at a bus station, at your hotel or at the place of your residence. There is an additional amount for getting the car outside the working hours.

Conditions of Rent

- Driving experience of not less than 1 year.

- More than 21 years old.

- Sometimes, when the client does not have a credit card or is less than 23 years old, the car cannot be released for rent.

- Gas is paid by the client. The client received the car with full tank and returns it in the same condition.

- Any traffic fines are paid by the client.

Insurance Insurance includes:

- Compensation of damage caused to third parties.

- Cases of death or injuries.

The car is additionally insured:

Against fire of theft. To cover this, at the time of signing the agreement, a small sum is paid for all the car categories.

If the car is damaged during an accident when the client broke the traffic rules or was drunk, the insurance is considered null and void.

The insurance does not cover the reparation of the damage to, or the replacement of tires, outside mirrors, the bottom or inside parts of the car. It is important to note that the age of the driver should be above 21 years old with the driving experience of no less than 1 year.

Payment is made on the spot or at the time of reservation, with a credit card or in cash. In some cases, it is required that there should be a sum of 1000 Euro on the card, which sum is blocked at the time of receiving the car, and unblocked upon the return of the car. When paying in cash, sometimes it is necessary to make a deposit of 350-450 Euro.

Period of Rent

The minimal period of rent is 1 day. Clients usually receive a discount if they rent a car for a period of equal or exceeding 1 week. Every hour in excess of the agreed period of rent is paid for separately.

Second Driver

If, supposedly, your car will be driven by a second driver – his data have to be entered into the rental agreement at minimal additional payment.

Child’s chair is paid for separately.

The company reserves the right to change the make of the car, if necessary.

The conditions of rent may change.

It is permitted to drive after having consumed not more than 1 glass of beer or 50 grams of vodka.