Samothrace. Recreation and tours 2022

    Samothrace: Natural Paradise

    Samothrace is a small island in the Aegean Sea. In mythology it’s known as the island of Aeolus and its highest point (1,611 m), Mount Fengari (“Moon Mount” in Greek) is said to be the place where Poseidon sat to watch the Trojan War.

    Nike, the Winged Victory of Samothrace

    Samothrace is a place for a tranquil escape, boasting warm and friendly inlanders. It’s known for the famous Nike, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, the masterpiece of sculpture, made famous worldwide as the Rolls Royce hood decoration, which was discovered on the island by the French archeologist Charles Champoiseau in 1863 and carried off to Paris. Today it is displayed in Louvre. You can admire a plaster copy of the famous sculpture in the Archaeological Museum of Samothrace.

    Hiker’s Paradise

    The island has much to offer to nature lovers: lush vegetation, massive trees, flowering shrubs, picturesque mountains looming over rugged beaches with scenic coves, meandering streams and waterfalls. Besides, it has the snow-white architecture and winding cobblestone narrow streets, characteristic of the Cyclades Islands. Although being less popular than other glamorous Greek islands, it’s very alluring.

    Go active

    You can enjoy a portfolio of activities on Samothrace: trekking, mountaineering, mountain bike, paragliding, rafting, kayaking and diving are just some of them.

    A Bit of History

    Samothrace didn’t play any significant role in Ancient Greece, since it has no harbor and is too mountainous for cultivation. Nevertheless, it was home to the important religious center, the Sanctuary of the Gods.  The traces of a prehistoric settlement date back to the 6th century BC. According to one version the island got its name from the Greeks from Samos, who colonized the island in the 8th century BC.