Vacation on the island of Spetses 2022

    Spetses - the Island of Aromas

    'Its pine-forest silences were uncanny,
    unlike those I have experienced anywhere else;
    like an eternally blank page
    waiting for a note or a word'

    The quotation above is taken from the introduction to John Fowles' novel 'The Magus'.

    Spetses is a decoration of the Argo –Saronic Gulf. The island of Spetses administratively belongs to the Prefecture of Attica, although its proximity to the Peloponnese mainland puts it geographically in Argolis. It is a small island with the population of about 4,000 people.

    A-List Destination

    Spetses boasts picturesque villages, excellent beaches, rocky coastline, coves and mountain ranges. It combines tranquility with a rather cosmopolitan life: lively nightlife and secluded corners of the island with untouched nature, luxury yachts and fishing boats. Its contrasts promise an exceptional vacation. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly come face to face with world celebrities, stars of show business, politicians, and even members of the royal families.

    The landmark of the island is the rich and diverse pebbly mosaics of its sidewalks, which you won’t see anywhere else in Greece.