Vacation on the island of Tinos 2022

    Tinos – the Sacred Island

    Tinos is the sacred island of the Virgin Mary. Every year, on August 15th, on the day of the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin thousands of pilgrims come here to pray or fulfill their vow, given to Our Lady.
    Besides, Tinos, thanks to the amazing combination of contrasting elements of nature: hills and lowlands, mountains and the sea, wild forests and fertile fields, is a popular destination with many travelers.


    The main feature of the island is its unique architecture, including dovecote-houses. The architectural structure borrowed from dovecotes was applied to people's homes, turning them into works of art. Another feature of the island is its rocky ground. Here granite and marble (white and green) are mined. The island also boasts the unique flora: a variety of evergreen trees (cedar, myrtle), aromatic herbs and shrubs (sage, chamomile, oregano, capers, etc.).