Volos: meze and tsipouro in the shadow of the mountain of Centaurs

    Volos: a Mythical Destination

    Volos is one of the most important trading and industrial regions of Magnesia and Thessaly and the third biggest port in Greece. It is situated at the foot of Mount Pelion overlooking the Pagasetic Gulf.


    Magnesia is believed to be the birthplace of a strange race, the Centaurs, beings which were part equine, part human and originated from the union of Nephele and Ixion. Asclepius and Achilles were, among others, pupils of the Centaur Chiron. The famous Argonaut expedition, one of the greatest epics in the Greek mythological cycle, set sail from the Pagasetic Gulf.

    Tsipouro spot

    Try tsipouro at famous tsipouradika  - the traditional spirit of the area, which is perfect when combined with seafood teasers.

    Easy touring

    • Tour the verdant Goritsa Hill with the Church of Zoodochos Pigis (life-giving spring) to the east of Volos, just a short distance away;
    • Explore the traditional villages in Pelion, like Portaria, Tsangarada, Zagora, Vyzitsa, Milies, and dozens more, with their sugar cubes fairy houses that create the fantastic atmosphere.

    Breaking the stereotypes

    Volos vacations definitely break the stereotypes of the mass tourism offering a unique opportunity to spend holidays in a different way.