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Yachting in Northern Greece (the city of Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki peninsula)


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Welcome to the fascinating world of recreation on board a yacht.

On board a yacht, your vacation promises to be relaxing, exclusive and full of adventures. Here are some questions and answers, which will help you to learn more about us.

What vessel do we have?

We will put at your disposal one of our two vessels, Mithas or Thathos, built in 2004, which could easily accommodate up to 6 people plus the crew. The facilities include: 3 double cabins, a fully equipped kitchen, a cockpit, 2 shower rooms and an outside shower – with hot water. Two canteens – an outside and inside one. A fridge with the capacity of 150 liters for cold drinks, ice-cold vodka and ice. A full set of bed linen, beach towels. And, of course, there is plenty of place on the yacht for comfortable sunbathing.

What about security?

First of all – we have an experienced captain. Also, the ships of this type, thanks to certain construction peculiarities (e.g. a 2-meter long keel weighing 2 tons), practically do not overturn and do not sink sailing comfortably even in bad weather. They are steady on course both when the engine is running, and under sails. They possess a full set of electronic equipment including a system of automatic positioning and a system of automatic fire extinguishing for the engine. There is a full set of life-saving equipment (a saving boat, vests for 10 people etc.)

What will you see?

Not only dolphins, sea seals, fascinating sunsets, but really unimaginably beautiful landscapes. The main advantage of travelling by yacht is the possibility to get to the places, which one simply cannot reach using other modes of travel. You will visit deserted islands, beautiful beaches, traditional Greek villages… The absolute serenity of the light-blue sky will add romanticism to your mood. Every day, according to your wishes, we can visit different bays.

What other activities can we offer?

Teaching you yachting, fishing or even diving!

What should you take with you?

Sailing shoes, not slippery and made of fabric. A hat, sun glasses, sun protection cream, bathing suit, slippers and a water-resistant coat. It is desirable that you carry your belongings in soft bags (in a rucksack, for example) and not in hard suitcases, for easier storage. We advise you not to bring a lot of clothes.

What impressions will you receive?

First of all, you will get the feeling of silence, calmness, you will enjoy the sea, you will travel using the force of wind and will gain experience of navigating a sailer. You will be able to visit different places of interest and will get acquainted with the island and mainland Greece. You will go through an adventure of being between the infinite blue sky and the tender Greek sea.


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